PLEASE HELP 5wks 2 Days Pregnant And Have Vaginal Pain

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Very worried :( - February 25

Has anyone ever experienced a dull ache in the va___a area this early in pregnancy (it feels quite high up)? In the past I've had abnormal cervical cells treated and I'm very scared this will affect my pregnancy. Please would someone answer, I'm very worried! But I don't want to go running to the doctor with every little ache and pain, would just like to know if it's normal?!


preggypop - February 25

I was just reading a pregnancy pamphlet by "March of Dimes" and it had a section on Warning signs during pregnancy, and it said that if you have v____al pain with discharge that you should contact your health care provider immediately.


Very Worried - February 25

Hi, thanks for your response! I don't have a v____al discharge, just this dull ache! I would'nt even describe it as a pain. It just feels uncomfortable and because of the previous treatment it worries me. :( I am also experiencing period like aches, is this normal in earlypregnancy?


jenn - February 25

I experienced v____al ache during week 6. It went away by week 7. I asked my OB about it, and he said it was hormones; nothing to worry about. I even did a little research about it and it seems to be a fairly common hormonal response. They are often referred to as "stabbing v____a pains." I would not worry about it; it should go away in a couple of days.


Very Worried - February 26

Hi Jenn, Thanks for putting my mind at rest! It's nice to know someone has experienced the same thing! Just want to get through the first 12 weeks and then hopefully I can relax more! - Sarah.


Brittni - February 28

I have also experienced those pains with my previous pregnancy, and also the cervical issue that you spoke of. My daugther is 11 months and everything was perfect and now I am 11 weeks pregnant with my second. I hope everything goes well. P.S. I had my first clean pap in 3 years after I had my daughter.


heather - March 3

yep.. turned out i had a cervical erosion and a low grade infection.. definitely see a doctor incase you have that as well.


Maria - March 3

Hi- I'm 7 weeks now- I had those pains at 5 weeks up to my 1st ultrasound at 6w1d - where we saw the heartbeat.. given that- I stopped worrying ..


Debbie - March 12

My daughter, 12 weeks pregnant is having shooting v____al pains also. Took her to the ER and had urine tested (normal) They said it is common to have these pains as the uterine is streaching but if you begin to bleed then it is a sign of miscarraige. The pains themselves are not unusual. Also clear discharge is normal.



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