Please Help When Did Your Morning Sickness Ease Or End

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Andy - May 4

Hi ladies. During my 6th week, I developed morning sickness. I am still suffering 3 weeks later and am having a hard time functioning. I don't leave the couch much, sometimes wait 2 days between showers, had to cancel a family vacation. I have severe nausea all day and night and was even put on Zofran, which doesn't work for me. I have absolutely no appet_te but do eat often to avoid vomiting. I have a 2-1/2 yr old that I can barely take care of while my husband is at work. I am totally miserable and would love to hear from those of you that had the same experience and when your m/s finally eased or ended. I just hit 9 weeks the other day and am hoping that maybe the end is close. Please share with me when you found relief. Thanks!


olivia - May 4

Hi Andy, sorry you are feeling so miserable. With my first it lasted to the first day of my second trimester. It was like magic when that day hit I was better. I had lost 10 lbs and been hospitalized for dehydration. It was a long haul but once that second trimester hit it completely left my mind and I had pretty easy sailing the rest of the pregnancy. Try to eat protein based foods (peanut b___ter, eggs, etc) This is supposed to help. Good luck.


emilymalm - May 4

Sorry to hear you're feeling so badly. I had all-day-and-night sickness from my 4th week through my 12th. My worst weeks were 9 and 10, which is pretty common as that's when hormone levels peak so it may get worse before you start to feel better. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Once my m/s started to get better, it improved rapidly. I'm 16 wks and everything is going fine. You'll make it!


annie24 - May 4

hi Andy, im 11 weeks pregnant with my second and having morning sickness although not as bad as with the first.With the first and this one it started at 6 weeks and with the first it finished at 14weeks so hoping for the same this time round, it does seem to be easing quite a bit. like you we had a holiday booked and i unfortunately went on it and spent the whole week sitting inside while my other half and son had a great time! really hope you feel better it just me or anyone else you talk to that has had a baby has not suffered from morning sickness, so annoying!


frankschick2001 - May 4

ANDY: so so sorry you feel this bad. I just hit 6 weeks on Monday and that is the day my nausea started. It's not so much a stomach thing, It's more like a dizzyness and feeling generally sick thing. I have no appet_te either, although try to eat to keep from feeling sicker. It has only been 4 days for me, and every night I have been praying to wake up feeling better. I have no clue how long it lasts for anyone. The only thing that helps me is laying down. I think it will end for you soon, so keep your chin up, you'll be OK.


Andy - May 4

Thanks ladies for sharing your experiences. I had m/s with my first pregnancy but I didn't keep a journal and don't remember when it began and how long it lasted (I do know it is much worse with this pregnancy though). Funny how the mind quickly 'forgets'. Olivia and Emily, I am glad to hear that yours both went away pretty much all of a sudden. I am hoping for the same. I do feel worse this week than last so you may be right about weeks 9 and 10 being the peak. If I only have to suffer for another week or so before it gets better, I think I will be able to handle it. Annie, you are almost at that 2nd trimester mark! Congrats, you should be feeling much better soon! Thanks again for sharing and best of luck to you all!


Andy - May 4

Hey Franks! I didn't see your post while I was responding to the others. First, congrats for hitting 6 weeks! I am so sorry you are feeling the nausea too. Isn't it just the worst feeling? Laying down is what I seem to do most of the day lately, which helps me too. I sometimes feel like my head weighs a ton and get lightheaded after laying down for a while. Even with no appet_te, I have found that eating often is the best thing to do. One day that I didn't eat, I vomited a few times. Since I've been eating, I haven't. I was also told by my Dr to stop taking prenatals until the nausea goes away. I was told it was ok to do. Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for sharing.


frankschick2001 - May 8

HI ANDY, feeling any better today? I was bed ridden all weekend long. I feel just awful today. Today is 7 weeks. The doctors fofice told me to be prepared to deal with it for a while, and Ialmost started crying. I feel like I am going crazy. I just want to feel good again. I bought those sea bands bracelets and they do not seem to be helping yet. I'm at a loss of what to try next.


srigles - May 8

Hi Andy. I don't know if this will help or not, but I've had horrible m/s for about 3 weeks now. (I'm 10w today). I've noticed over the past day or two that it seems to be easing off a little tiny, tiny bit. So maybe the end is in sight! Best of luck to you, I know it's really tough!


Lilu - May 8

OHHH ANDY... I'm the same as you. It's horrible. I gag 24/7. Nothing helps me. I haven't found any foods that make me feel any better. I have absolutely no motivation what so ever. I don't feel like cleaning... nothing. This is the worst feeling. I feel as if I lost weight b/c I just don't have a taste for anything. I'm 10 weeks tomorrow. Yes... I hope after the 12th week it subsides. I just can't the way I feel these days. I'm so miserable. With my 1st pregnancy, it wasn't this intense. I just felt some nausea throughout the day but didn't actually get sick. That stopped about 14 weeks. GRRRRRR... it's the worst and I sympathize with you


Perl - May 8

Hi Andy, I thought my morning sickness was bad but I now realize that it could be much worse. I was in week 8 or 9 when I finally told my dh that if the sickness did not go away very soon there was NO WAY I would ever get pregnant again and go through morning sickness for a minimum of 2 months. As it turned out it went away but it came back and got worse. I'm in week 12 in 2 days it has gotten much much better. Good luck!


Andy - May 9

Hi ladies. I have not found relief yet. I so sympathize w/ all you ladies. I will be 10 weeks on Thursday and am so hoping that I don't have much longer to go feeling like this. I still pretty much spend my days on the couch, showering every other day. It is a miserable feeling. SRIGLES, you gave me a little bit of hope, thanks!! FRANKS, I am so sorry you have been bed ridden. Did your Dr's office suggest you try Zofran? It didn't work for me but it does work for a lot of women. I hope you don't suffer for too long. My Dr's office told me that it would only last about 2 weeks.... well, it has been almost 4 weeks of this. LILU, cleaning, yeah right. I am in the same boat as you. My house is a mess but I just can't get off my feet long enough to clean. I am a neat freak too so it is killing me. PERL, glad to hear yours is much better. I already told my husband that this will be my last pregnancy ( I have a 2-1/2 yr old DD ) cuz I couldn't go through this m/s again. Let's all at least hope that we all have healthy happy babies in the end. If anyone does find something that has helped, please share! I am sorry we all feel so badly but I do find it a bit comforting to know I am not alone. Hang in there ladies..... even though it may be by a thread, as I feel somedays!


momof3 - May 9

I am in week 6, I got MS at 4 weeks and it was very intense nausea, all I could do was lay on the couch. I felt that showering was like climbing a mountain and did go 3 days once w/o one! The smell of any shampoo, soap,lotion,purfume or any other smells make me gag. I can't stomache the smell of anything. I too have a 16 month old to care for and I feel so guilty B/C I am too gross feeling to even take her into the back yard. I feel so pathetic right now I just want it to end! Ihave tried some homeopathy remedies and at times it seems to help. It is worth checking into as it is very safe for pregnancy. Good luck to all of you out there going through this torture!


San_dee - May 9

Hi Andy!! Sorry to hear that you feel really ill. I too had m/s. never had it with my first which is now 17 months old, but this time it was much worse, i only threw up once but i was nausiated and dizzy 24/7, even had the ringing in the ears, i found i couldnt stand meat and diary products especially and then started to battle with gingervitus which made things heaps worse so i was brushing my teeth and using mouth wash 4 times a day. i did find relief when the only thing i could eat was tomatoes on crackers, mmm and changing to skim milk really helped to. im now 11w4d and feeling much better now so just keep strong, u will get through it.



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