Please Help Fast Progestrone Supp Pharmacy Closing

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ba - April 29

My doctor is asking me to take progestrone suppositories sp? and the pharmacy tech said once I start taking them, I can't stop. Does this make sense?


Gina - April 29

I have started taking them last week. No one told me that. What was the reasoning? Hmmmm, call someother pharmacies.


ba - April 29

Gina, why did you have to start them?


Gina - April 29

My level was 13 when I tested which was last Monday, the day before AF should have came. I told them I thought maybe I had a luteal phase defect which maybe caused my m/c in Feb. So it is for procautionary measures. It was almots 18 today from 13 last week. Why do you need them? I have 50 mg. Lowest does you can get. What do you have?


ba - April 30

I am 5 weeks along and I started to spot a little brown on Wed., My doctor had me come in for blood work Fri. and gave me the prescription until they find out the results. It just bothered me that my pharmacy tech.said that once you start you can't stop. (Maybe she meant until the Doctor says it is ok to stop) I am guessing if my results are normal on Monday they will let me stop taking them, but maybe not since I had a miscarriage in January. I don't know, I am so confused. By the way I thought 13 was a pretty good number for your CD.(??) My dose is 100mg, twice a day.


Sandy - May 1

Yes it makes sense You should take the meds till 12 weeks.I have taken them through3 pregnancies after miscarring 12 times....Keep taking....if the pharmacy is closed call your dr and ask for sample!!


To Sandy - May 1

Wow 12 I am so sorry. From what you sounds like you had 3 full term pregnancies. Thanks for the info. I have been taking them since Friday and oddly a lot of the worry has seemed to pa__s. Maybe my hormones are more in check now?? ba


Gina - May 2

Yes, they told me until 12 weeks and it won't hurt anyways. What is CD? Sandy! 12 miscarriages???? God bless your soul...... Are you pg now?


KTG - May 4

HEY BA! Our stories are exactly the same. I miscarried in January and I am now 5 weeks pregnant too. My progesterone level was low (17), so my doctor put me on Premetrium (100 mg) once a day. Is this the same med you are on? After doing research, I found that this could be dangerous for the baby if taken for long periods of time. You may want to talk to your doctor about this too.


Cathy - May 4

I just read why you need to keep taking them and not stop. Once you stop taking progesterone, your uterus starts contracting and trying to shed the lining where the egg is implanted. I guess you need a certain level until your uterus takes over the production.



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