Please Help First Time Pregnancy

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Lisa - February 12

Hi This is my first pregnancy I am about 7 weeks, and today I notice a brown discharge not a lot but a little enough to worry me. Could this mean that I at risk for miscarriage. I am really nervous but I can't call my doctor until Monday. Any advice would be great


Heather - February 12

I had it at 9 weeks and ultrasound showed my baby was alive and well.


Lisa - February 13

What about light pink spotting.


citrouille - February 13

are you experiencing cramping along with spotting?


ekay - February 13

I would go to te ER if you are really concerned. Brown discharge indicates old blood, which is obviously better than new blood. Was it after intercourse? Your cervix is very sensitive right now and prone to bursted blood vessels etc. But I would go to the ER if you are really really concerned.


Mimi - February 13

Citrouille , are u french ?


citrouille - February 13

no but I live in France


Lisa - February 13

No I was not cramping but I went away last night and I had light pink spotting this morning but I could only see it when I wipe myself after I go to the bathroom. I wore a liner last night and nothing was on it. Now it's gone again. Is this just one of those quirks that you go through when your pregnanat.


c - February 13

Lisa, it could be nothing... it is true that your cervix may just be sensitive. However, bleeding with cramping is something you must tell your doctor about. Definetly call tomorrow. I don't want to scare you but I had that happen in November and had a miscarriage. This however does NOT mean that this is what is happening to you. I've read tons of other posts where people had bleeding and cramping and were fine. Take care of yourself, don't overdo and call your doctor ASAP; Sending you lots of glue just in case!


citrouille - February 13

sorry that last post was from me! I forgot to put the rest of my name


Mimi - February 13

Citrouille, it's cool u live in France, do u speak french now ? Where do u live , Lyon , Paris, Marseille,Nates, Bordeaux ?


ekay - February 13

Well, to be honest with you Lisa, the same thing happened to me that happened to Citrouille. I don't like to tell people negative outcomes, but I had the smallest amount of brown discharge one night and I ended up miscarrying. I am absolutely not telling you this will happen to you, but I wouldn't pa__s it up as a quirk, especially since it turned pink. Definitely call your doctor and keep us posted. Truck loads and truck loads of baby glue-we all need it.


citrouille - February 14

Mimi - I live in Paris and oui je parle français :) I've been here for 6 years. Seems like a long time but time flies! Lisa- how are things? I hope you have good any case you are in my thoughts.


J - February 14

I would go to the ER or to your doc asap. I started having brown discharge with my last pregnancy and thought it was nothing. My doc said any color or amount of blood during pregnancy isn't normal. I ended up having a miscarriage. I had no red blood and no clots just brownish blood. No cramping or anything. Try not to worry I would just take precautions.


Lisa - February 15

Thank you all for your advice. I do feel more at ease now I will keep you posted.


jamie - July 31

I'm 3 weeks pregnant cramping real bad and bledding a little and i had a brown discharge and the doctor said i have a lot of protein in my urine



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