Please Help I Am Freakin Out

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KJ - June 27

I am 6 weeks pregnant and today have a lot of white, lotiony like discharge that I notice on my panties when I go to the bathroom. Is this normal??????


help - June 27

"This white v____al discharge is known as leucorrhoea and is a normal effect of pregnancy. The discharge will increase until delivery, so it is advisable to wear a sanitary pad during the last few months. Keep your genitals clean and dry and avoid tight clothing, deodorants, soaps, bubble baths and perfumes. Do not douche. If the discharge turns yellowish, greenish or very thick, notify your doctor immediately."


Tammee - June 27

I have the same and I am 7 weeks and have no problems. I don't think you need to be worried. Is this your first pregnancy?


lol - June 27

Sounds like an STD. You should see your doc ASAP.


Molly - June 27

KJ - Don't listen to LOL (how funny!) - mainly all pregnant woman have an increase in discharge during pregnancy. It doesn't sound like a STD at all..some people are just ignorant.


lol - June 27

Yes, some people are ignorant..... like people who get their medical advice from chat forums, and those who can't sense "sarcasm" when they see it.


KJ - June 27

wow lol...pregnancy hormones getting to you? The truth of the matter is, no matter where I get my info from, common courtesy would be to either give me that info, or keep your mouth closed. Tammee and Molly, thanks for understanding what this forum is about for some of us who are a little anxious in our first pregnancy. Good luck to both of you!


sarah - June 27

this is my third child and i just enjoy talking to other women who have the same concerns or just wanna chat LOL should get a life if you enjoy bugging other women who just need a place to vent!


hi - June 27

Hi KJ. Good luck with your pregnancy! It does just sound like discharge. Wait until you're sneezing or coughing and have 'leakage'! That pantyliner sure comes in handy. Baby Dust.


KJ - June 27

thanks ladies for all your t_tle may be a liitle extreme but i am so anxious about this first trimester......I am sure everyone can tell this is my



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