Please Help I Am So Scared

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amber508 - May 18

I am very worried.... I saw my baby on u/s three days ago, all looked well, saw the heartbeat. I was having a little bit of spotting, brown.... and it went away. My Dr said it was ok and normal that it was "old blood".... the u/s he did on Tuesday was a va___al.... come wednesday i was having what i think was a lot of brown blood only when I wiped... it went on all day wednesday... but is now very little, not much at all. My Dr again said it's normal and it could go on for a few days.... But I am completely scared of possible miscarriage....Can anyone give me advice.... is this leading to a m/c????? I am 7 weeks 2 days preg


snugglybugglys - May 18

The only time typically that you really need to worry about the spotting is if you have VERY bad cramps with it. Your spotting does sound completely normal, and will probably stop soon. Good luck, and congrats! :)


Kynna - May 18

I feel me. I'm 5 weeks and I have brown stuff as well. I went in at 4 weeks scared. Of course on my ultrasound they didn't see anything because nothing can be seen at 4 I have to wait until June 5th to even SEE basically i'm nervous for the next 3 weeks now. Doctor told me it was normal as well..but its hard to think that way.


kelley32 - May 18

I am sorry that you are so worried, but I wouldn't be unless the blood turns red. I had a m/c at 5 weeks and had hardly any bleeding at all for 5 days, just when I wiped, and no cramps at all. Good luck, I wish you the best.


ElizabethAnn - May 18

Hey amber508!!! I wouldnt worry so much, at 8 weeks i had spotting that was pink!! and i had it for about a whole week and a half and i also had a lot of cramping,but it wasnt server. My little baby is just fine! I'm 13 weeks now and everything is perfect! I think its more normal to spot than we think. Happy pregnancy!!!


DownbutnotOUT - May 18

It sounds like eveything is going ok, as long as there is a heartbeat keep your head up and be positive. I hope everything is great for u! take care


tinkri - May 19

Have you had a recent hcg level done? I too had brown spotting for about 5 weeks. I had 3 u/s and we saw a hb. I did end up m/c at 8w6d. My bad sign was not so much the spotting, but my hcg levels were not doubling appropriately. If yours are, I would believe in your doctor.


Kira_lynn - May 19

The way i look at it is that 90% of bleeding in first trimester is a__sociated with subcroinic bleeding. Its not always called by this because its not always seen. (small sac of blood near placenta-like a blister). I figure if you're having bleeding in 1st trimester go on pelvic rest (no s_x) and be cautious of lifting.


kimholl28 - May 19

It could be a subchrionic bleed, like the last post said. This can be serious or it can dry up and go away on its own. My best frien had a miscarriage in Dec, because of a subchrionic bleed. She spotted brown from week 7 until week 12 when she had red blood and lost the baby, so please ladies take it easy and go to all of your follow up appointments. Questions to ask when you see your Dr. again are, find out about where the bleed is located and how big it is. Smaller bleeds tend to go away where a bigger bleed may not. Also if it isn't near where the placenta needs to attach there is a better outcome with this. Good luck!



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