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RayeJ - November 10

Hi Ladies.I was wondering if any of you ladies had cramping/pulling feeling 5dpo.I am about 5dpo and I have had this pulling feeling all morning.Thank you!!


RayeJ - November 10

This is our 2nd mo. ttc and any input would be appreciate it.


to rayej - November 10

i really cant say, i wasnt trying, and didnt even know that i was pregnant until last week, so i am not too sure what i felt at 5 dpo, i hope that someone who does know can help...good luck to you while ttc. take care!


Steph - November 10

My dh and I were ttc, but I really tried not to pay too much attention to what was going on during the 2ww...I do know that I had cramping about five/six days before af was going to arrive and my b___bs were sore in a "different" type of way than they usually were for af...hope this helps you a bit. Good luck to you!


RayeJ - November 10

Thanks Steph & to rayej.


mom of three - November 11

I had severe cramping about 5-6 dpo. I thought my period was coming early.


RayeJ - November 11

Thanks mom of three.I hope I get a bfp this month,now all I can do is wait.I don't have any other symptoms except constipation(sorry tmi).You guys keep me in your prayers...


Deb - November 12

I had cramping one month at 4dpo and on until AF showed up. The next month I had some mild cramping but it was later and I got my BFP. I have never had a "pulling" feeling.


Renee - November 12

All I can tell you is that I didn't feel anything until AFTER i realized I was pregnant. I was painting a bathroom one evening, when I realized that my period was due. Then suddenly realized I was not experiencing any of my symptoms - tiredness, bloating, crankiness - so I took a test and it came back positive. A few days after that I started feeling like I was going to get my period but it never came. Apprently that aching feeling similar to period cramps is the uterus and ligaments stretching all in preparation for the growing fetus. I know this doesn't really answer your question, but I'm crossing my fingers for you!


RayeJ - November 13

Thanks Deb & Renee.Af is due around the 18th,I'll let you guys know what going on.


b - November 14



Jo - November 18

I believe it was the egg implanting into the uterus. I had a VERY sharp pain in my uterus for a few hours about 5dpo as well! I wouldnt worry if i was you.


RayeJ to Jo - November 18

Did you get a BFP?



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