Please Help Low HCG

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Helen - April 2

Is anyone who had low HCG levels pregnant? I don't mean if they didn't double, I just mean that they just doubled from a low number and therefore never really got to a high number? If so, have you seen a heartbeat? and what was your HCG then? Please help, I am so worried. Thanks.


Mel - April 2

helen, Hey, I found out I was preggy at 4weeks and 4 days. My HCG was 37. Two days later 44! Then about 5 days later a 309 and then two days later a 546 which is where I am at now at 6 weeks1 day. So, my numbers are low, but are doubling from a low #. I have my first U/S monday. Out of curiousity what are your #S and how far along are you?


Helen - April 3

Mel These numbers are every four days. At 4 weeks I went 28/ 97/ 573/ 1914/ 4274/ 7100 which was 6 wks 6 days. There seems to be a huge range of numbers that are acceptable for the number of weeks and I think we are sometimes off on our dates. I had a m/c in Nov. so I am really nervous, but my second u/s is tomorrow. Either way, let's post for each other here after our u/s. Is this your first pregnancy? I will keep you in my thoughts. Good luck and thanks for answering.


Mel - April 3

Helen, Your numbers look perty good. I also have my ultrasound tomorrow! I am so exited. No, this is actually my fourth pregnancy. My youngest is about to be 6. So, it's been awhile for me. I am on;y 26 though, so I figure why not!!! LOL I love children. I will also keep you in my thought and good luck:)


jena - April 4

Helen, your #'s sound good! With my first blood test, 9 days late, I was a 2!!! A measly 2. They wanted to retest (thank goodness) and two days later I was at 12. So I had more than doubled - but a 12? That was a Wednesday and by the next Monday I was 214, then by Wednesday again 649. So yes, low #'s but more than doubling. I have a test tomorrow so I'm hoping to be at least 5200... sheesh, I hope so!!! Otherwise they are thinking blighted ovum or ectopic pregnancy :(. Not fun for your first one but I'm cautiously optimistic... good luck and keep your results posted!!


Helen - April 4

Mel- What did you find out? Jena and Mel, they found a heartbeat today for me. My CRL is one week off my menstrual dating, but we are sure it will catch up and are very happy. Best of luck to you both!


Mel - April 4

Helen & Jena, Not so good for me today. They still did not see anything!! Yet my HCG is up to 2000. So, they want me to come in tomorrow and most likely do a laproscopy to rule out a ectopic! I am really upset and have not been doing very well. I am however very happy for you Helen. I hope things with you Jena go well too. Don't give up hope! I will keep you posted.


Nadine - April 5

Mel, you are in my prayers.


Jena - April 5

Mel, I'm so sorry for you. Hopefully tomorrow (today?) will rule out ectopic and your numbers will rise again. Helen, congratulations. I have a blood test today so we'll see which one of you I will relate to best.... best wishes to you both.


Helen - April 5

Thinking of you Mel.


Jena - April 6

Mel, did you have your appt. yesterday? How did it go?


Mel - April 8

Hey girls, well I had emergency surgery b/c my baby was in the left fallopian tube. DH and I are doing okay, just dealing. Good Luck to all of you and God Bless


Jena - April 8

Mel, I'm SO sorry... we'll be thinking of you. I can't imagine. Stay strong - you will get a healthy baby.


Helen - April 8

God bless you and your husband. I am so sorry. We keep being told to be optimistic, but not to tell anyone. So we are hanging on to a little hope. Try again soon, you will have success.


Jena - April 9

Helen, what are your #'s now?


Helen - April 10

Jena The baby should be 8 weeks today and is measuring a week behind. They say I have a 33% chance of miscarriage still, heartbeat and all. Obviously, we hope very much for a healthy baby, so we will wait patiently to see if it can develop properly. I hope you are okay.


Jena - April 10

Helen, good luck!! Get a lot of rest to let the baby grow and I truely hope it is healthy and will bless your life incredibly.



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