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niki - July 25

i had my period about 2.5 weeks ago well i had some dark brown discharge about 5 days ago and it lasted three days and my lower abdominals have been cramping up could i be pregnant has any one had that happen to them


Jenni - July 25

What your tell us is mixed. Having your period shows signs of not being pregnant, however the cramp and discharge is a possability. What i would do is do another test in about 7 days time, if still nothing i would go to your doctors surgery and make an appointment with the doctor or the pactional nurse. Good Luck


Viv - October 27

Could you have gotten pregnant this cycle and the brown discharge be implantation? It depends some on whether your period started or ended 2.5 weeks ago. Dark brown is old blood. What is old blood doing there so early in the cycle? Give us some more clues. Do you have any other early pregnancy symptoms, was your last good period "normal", when were you exposed?


m - October 27

don't forget there are those women who have a period or 2 (or more) during the beginning of a pregnancy. So a period is not always a sign you are not pregnant. Also, it is possible to get pregnant while on your period. Therefore, the spotting could very well have been implantation. I would take a test if I were you. But keep in mind even if it comes back negative, it could be a false negative. Not all pregnancies are "traditional" You know, pregnant on day 14, etc. So just because it may "seem" you aren't pregnant, you still could be.


Kelly - October 27

Niki, I had light brown spotting for a week right after my period (1 1/2 after my period) and recently it turned to light red just for a day....I'm really scared too...I had abdominal cramps before and during (just once) the spotting........Im goin to my doctor today and ask her all the questions......ill update you though....please pray for me that i dont have any infection or something and I'll do the same........


Kelly - October 28

With all the brown discharge I've been having, my doctor said that I could be pregnant so she gave me some prenatal vitamins with iron....I'm still waiting for my papsmear result.....please pray for me


stephanie - November 4

I have been of my period for 12 days. For the last 4 days I have been discharging a dark brown almost black substance. It seems to be getting heavier. What could this be?


to stephanie - December 24

I think you should go see a dr., especially if the bleeding is getting heavier. You might have a pelvic infection. I don't think even a miscarriage bleeds heavier that long, at least mine didn't. GL.


Cathy - December 24

Yes, it happend to me. Take a test to be sure. I still have cramps and am 7 weeks along, and still have some brown discharge which the doctor said was old blood, and nothing to worry about.


Here to Help :-) - January 21

The following website is absoutely wonderful. It really put my mind at ease regarding many of these issues:



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