Please Help Me I M An Emotional Wreck Today

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Emotional1 aka Lucky1 - January 12

I am going through so many emotions today. I have been contemplating leaving my DH and I am angry, sad and I really want to cry but I'm at work. DH hasn't even done anything, I am just mad at him for no reason and I know that theres no reason to be mad. I Love him, and I don't know why I am feeling this emotional today. I haven't told him, He'll think I'm nuts..... I just woke up very angry with him, I just don't like him right now. And I don't know why. Has any of you been going through any crazy emotions? I am 5 wks 6days and I don't know if it's the hormones or what. What can I do to calm down? -Lucky1


Jenny - January 12

It is probably your hormones. With my first pregnancy I felt the same way. I wanted to leave my husband all the time. Thank gosh he wouldnt. (He kept telling me it was my hormones). Men dont seem to be very understanding with the whole pregnancy thing. My husband still doesnt even though this is 2nd pregnancy. I just learned to identify what is hormones and what is really ticking me off...:) Try some alone time with yourself or hey, just yell at works for me...:) No sense being stressed out keeping it in. But dont give up on your marriage. Hang in there.


ekay - January 12

Ohh honey, my sister is 10 wks and she did the same thing to her hubby this morning. I remember with my first flipping out because my husband lost my candy bar. (I threw quite a fit-in front of our friends at that) I really, really think it is your hormones. When you get home, talk to him about how you are feeling, then go take a warm (not hot) bath. Don't leave him.


Lucky1 - January 12

Hey, just an update. I think that I was just cranky this morning because I feel a lot better. Since I just got back from lunch, I think that it may have just been that I was really hungry. These days I go from being full to feeling like I'm starving, Theres no in between. Thanks for the support. Oh and I usually drink a lot of Iced Tea and I've been trying to cut down on the caffiene, yesterday was my first Caffiene free day, That may be another reason, but I gave in and had some sweet Iced Tea at lunch! :~))


Jenny - January 12

Ekay....your response brought back memories...LOL. I remember i yelled at my husband for toasting the bread for my turkey sandwich.


Bump - February 7

Bumped for J


J - February 7

I am with you last night I got mad at my hubby for not doing the dishes and helping more around the house. I was so angry I was thinking about leaving. It has to be the raging hormones! I am about 5 weeks.


D - February 10

I feel like I'm going crazy. Yesterday I had a -moderate- problem at work, and it REALLY upset me. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night bawling. Now I'm back at work with swollen eyelids - and everybody asks why. (I've not told anyone yet - I'm 5.5 wks) I've threatened to quit... and now I'm embarra__sed to be here. I really feel like I'm nuts.... This is my first pregnancy, and I'm really hoping you are all correct that this will pa__s!


Beth - February 10

C, what is it that you do? I am on my b___t 8 hours a day in front of this computer and on the phone with customers ALL day, lately I have been losing my patience easy, and this morning I was the only one here, with an extreme amount of calls, snappy and rude people and I sat here and rolled my eyes and was mad that I was the only one here and started to snap back at the people (I was the one right but I should still not do that, haa haa).


D - February 10

Beth - I work in a support service in a hospital. One of the managers got on a high horse, and won't listen to reason - actually won't listen to anyone/thing. I think she's impressed with her new position and authority (i.e she's very popular....., sarcasm intended)! I'm right too.... but I guess she'll have to learn the hard way. Unfortunately, it will cause me trouble with admin later down the road! What disturbs me most is the strength of my emotional response.... I don't think I've been this upset since my first boyfriend dumped me nearly 15 years ago - and the situation really isn't that serious. The more I get stressed, the more it stresses me that I'm stressed.....


Beth - February 10

D, Yeah I work as a technical support receptionist and I am the middle man for those people who want support and don't have it and so forth. . .so I get yelled at allot and allot of att_tude!! I can understand about your boss and her hyaitis. . .I hate that in boss'. I had one before the one we have now, and I always thought he was like that, and if I knew I was right I would not back down, it was funny because he thought he was all big and mighty but yet when I didn't back down I could intimidate him. ..


D - February 10

Beth - unfortunately, this one won't intimidate. (thank goodness she's not over my department - unfortunately all our depts are inter-related.) She just picks up the phone and calls her friend who hired her.... I seriously considered calling in sick today. I really want to quit. I need to stay long enough to keep my insurance through Oct...


Mandi - February 12

this is my 3rd and i don't remember feeling this way the first 2 times maybe because i didn't have so much on me i have stayed ill at my husband for really nothing how do i explain to him i love him and just don't know why i'm so ill.I work 12 hour shifts in a plant and i have hardly spoken to anyone i've been in such a bad mood


Ellen - February 13

Hi..Im 7 weeks..and Im feeling exactally as you are. Im feeling like Im crazey....But...I do a little self talk and I deep down believe it is normal for us to be emotional and...for me at least I think I have a little resentment towards my partner for being a man. I feel angry that I have no choice but to live with all of these symptoms while he can simply choose to hide away from me if he thinks I am being "emotional". I used to think I was empowered to be a woman and have the ability to give birth, now I just feel mad. If any of this helps you...just know that youre not alone. I feel pshcho. :(



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