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Wildthing0550 - March 26

I'm 15 and I am 5 weeks pregnant. I know I am too young for a baby. But it is too late. I have been having morning sickness and feeling c__ppy all day, but it just stopped. Everything stopped today. Last night I started my period which is normal in the first month. I am worried though that i had a miscarriage. Please help me!!


HannahBaby - March 26

see a doctor. usually ppl get their period when they are supposed to...not when they are already a week late. i would see a doctor just to be sure....and if you did miscarry....get a prescription for some birth controll


amethyst_dragonfly - March 26

Sweetness you must get in touch with your gynecologist if you have one or go to a nearby clinic to be examined. I understand that you're afraid and I hope to God that your baby is okay. But please don't put off getting checked out if you're really concerned. Hope this helps!


Wildthing0550 - March 26

Thanks for the advice. I can't go see a doctor though because my family doesn't know that i am. If i tell them i will be out on the street.


kimberly - March 26

You must see a Dr. if you have miscarried this can be dangerous to you also, not just the baby. A women can bleed to death in a short amount of time if the placenta bleeds to much. Also if the baby and sac does not come out on it's own then you will need a D&C so you do not get an infection from all that is left behind. Have you for sure confirmed your pregnancy.(took a positve test or a test at the DR.) You should watch for heavy bleeding usually with painful cramps and nausea, or vomiting. If you are not having a miscarriage then you will have to tell your parents at some point anyway. This is a child inside of you not just a thing. I hope that you will do the right thing and tell someone who can help you make the right decision. May be seek help at Planned Parenthood or you local Health Department, then your parents won't have to know, for now. I wish you all the best and your baby!


angelinakai - March 26

do you have a health department or planned parenthood near you? they may be able to help you without your parents knowing. you could always tell your parents that you need to go to the dr and just tell them that you're not feeling well. you really dont want to just not do anything bc that could be very harmful! and if you are pregnant, your parents are going to find out sooner or later you know.


Wildthing0550 - March 26

I have confirmed my pregnancy. I use to go to planned parenthood to get birth control. I got arrested and everything changed. I will tell my mom in a couple weeks. I am taking another pregnancy test next week to see what it says.



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