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kat - January 27

my last 'normal' period was beginning of november,in dec and jan i had 3 days(usually 5-6) of lighter than usual bleedding,i had a few symptoms feeling sick,cramping and pains in both sides of stomach,a bit of backache,then after getting neg results i just tried to get it out of my head that i was pregnant(i was starting to think i was going mad!) and keep ttc,anyway the last couple of weeks my bf noticed a change in my stomach,ive not really put on any weight but my stomach is alot bigger than its ever been before and its a different shape to what it usually is,i'd noticed it but thought it was just me going mad coz i wanted a baby so much,so i got my mums opinion and she thinks i look pregnant too,although you cant see it under my clothes,my jeans are getting tighter around the stomach but nowhere else! i dont know what to think im so confused,af due anytime now,but if i am i dont understand why im still testing neg at around 11 weeks,i know this happens but is it really that common? docs wont do a blood test(im in uk) dont know what to do,i wnt to know if i am so i can enjoy my pregnancy,any advice or opinions would be great..... :o)


amandas - January 27

you should be getting a positive test at 11 weeks. you said you should start your period anytime or have you already missed your second period? My last normal period was in nov as well and had a positive test the first week of december and i did bleed a at implantation, i've already been to the doc and have a pic of the baby. if you were pregnant you would be as far along as me. i'd go back to the doc.


Beth - January 27

A friend of mine got negative test after negative test, and finally after a party and night of drinking she was sicker than sick and went to the er thinking she had alcohol poisining or something. Just for measures the doc told her he was going to do a pg test and she told him she had already done numerous ones but bam. . .his came out positive!! Keep your hopes up!!


to armandas - January 27

thats not true about the eleven weeks,, have u seen candy's post where she missed three periods and finally got her positive???????? all women are not the same at all so just be patient..


kat - January 27

thanks for your posts,i feel better that you've given me hope aswell :o)


kat - January 28

is theres anyone else that didnt test pos till 3 months or more?


kat - January 29

ok today ive noticed the linea nigra,which ive read should appear at 12 weeks,can anyone tell me when they first noticed theres? and what is the reason for it ?


michelle - January 29

you REALLY need to see a doctor about this. i'd hate to see you so excited and not be pregnant, or be pregnant, and not getting adequate care. you should make an appt. right asway kat! michelle edd- 8/19/05


kat - January 29

michelle im going to get an appointment next week but if i tell then ive had a neg test they wont want to know,ive been twice before,but as my stomach is looking different maybe they will take notice!


Tara-T - January 29

There is something known as "hysterical pregnacy" where the women wants SOOO much to be pregnant her body tricks her into having symptoms. With this psychological disorder, it's common to have lighter than normal periods, even to miss them all together, and to have other symptoms such as bloating stomach (which it sounds like you have). Don't worry, you'll either get a normal period soon, or a postiv pregnacy test...either way, sounds like you're doing the right thing...keep trying and have fun. However, if next month you don't get a normal period, and you continue to have a negative pregnacy tests, you need to see your doctor. It could be a medical condtion.


kat - January 29

thanks tara, i was starting to think this and i really did accept i wasnt pregnant,until bf noticed my stomach changes,im going to get an appointment to see my doctor next week.


angel_girl - January 30

Keep your chin up and keep us posted. I think the late positives are more common than most people think. I talked to a lady on Friday who got a negative at 12 weeks. The doctor was shocked when they did an US and discovered she really was pg.


Cortney - January 31

Hey...Depending on the test you took will determine the results....Look at the sensitivity of the test. Usually you can find that out by reading the backs of the prego tests box them selfs. What you want for a better result is a test sensitivity of 20 or 25mIU/mL....The test will pick up detection of 2 weeks after ovulation....I use the New Choice Preg. Test 2 weeks after ovulation....I actually baught it at the DOLLAR TREE Store in the US!!! Good luck and keep me posted... =)


kat - January 31

hi angel_girl,ru in the uk? i think its easier to get ultra sound done in us than here in uk,but i will try when i see my doc,might even say ive had a faint pos just so they get me in for one!.............courtney ive used first responce as its meant to be the most sensitive.


amp - February 3

you really need to go to the dr and have them do a blood test for your hcg levels. The hcg will pick up with a blood test long before a urine test.


kat - February 3

went to docs today and he reckons it could be ibs,but have to go back in a month if my periods are still not normal.



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