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812 - September 13

okay, i have all these signs and 3 neg urine tests (1 from doc and 2 from dollar store)... * CRAMPING * 2 MISSED AF (JULY / AUG) * LOWER ABDOMEN PAIN * BIGGER TENDER b ___stS ( GREW 2 SIZES IN 2MTHS) * HEARBURN * WEIGHT GAIN ( BUT HARDLY EATING ) * INDIGESTION * WAISTLINE GREW (CANT FIT N-E JEANS I WORE 2 MTHS AGO) * NUMBNESS OF HANDS & LEGS * SPOTTING VERY LIGHT (PINK & BRWN 4RM AUG. 31st - SEPT 11th) * QUEASINESS ( NOT ACTUALLY VOMITTING ) * TIREDNESS * VAGINAL DISCHARGE ( NOT ITCHY, BURNING, OR SMELLY) * LOWER BACK PAIN * LOSS OF APPETITE ( OR GROWNING APPETITE) * HEADACHES.... now what does that sound like? i gotta go to da doc wed and i'm gonaa get a blood test but could i still be pregnant?????


April - September 12

Ok so u said u missed 2 periods?? I cant see how you could have missed two periods and have a test come up negative. If you were infact pregnant and missed your period 2 months in a row.. it should sho up by than. Sometimes if you take the tests too early your hpt is too low. This is how the tests tell if oyu are pregnant. When did u take the tests?? Best time is first thing in the morning. Thats when the reading will be more accurate. Let us know how the Blood test comes back on Wednesday... Good luck!


812 - September 12

i took the urine test at the doc on the 23rd of Aug and i took a hpt friday around 2pm and another one saturday morning when i woke up..all gave neg results...i tell myself i only got 1 neg and thats 4rm the doc b/c the other two i took only cost $1, so i really dont think those are reliable.


n - September 12

maybe the first test you took was too early to tell and the one's from the dollar store may have been defective...those are all symptoms of pregnancy...but pregnancy is not a guessing game so...taking a blood test is your best bet...good luck girl!


812 - September 12

April and N...Thanx a lot!!!


mk - September 13

Don't worry yourself. With my last child, it took FOREVER for an hpt to show up positive. And even then, it was a real light line, and it took like 10 minutes to show up. Yes, it's still possible. Maybe your hcg levels are out of whack. Try getting a blood test. Good luck!


April - September 13

I agree with "N" It may have been too early to take a urine test. I would say a blood test. Those are 100% acurate and it would show up by now. Are you still going on Wendesday to get a blood test?? Good luck!!! BTW, Were u trying to get pregnant? Were you using any sort of protection?


812 - September 14

Yea, I'm still goin Wednesday... and no I was not trying to get pregnant, I mean it sounds kind of stupid but I wanted a baby but not with the guy I would be pregnant by. And again, no, my stupid a__s didnt use protection, we were so caught up in the moment, i just told him to pull-out when he c_ms, which he obvisouly didnt do, and he had a lot of pre-c_m, so i dunno, i'll know on Wed. I'll be sure to keep u posted.


N - September 15

So how did it go?


812 - September 16

Well I didnt get the blood test today, b/c there were so many women in the room (cleege a__st. nurses) and there were all worried about something else. i'm goin to try to get it tomorrow but the dr. did another urine test b/c i am having pain in my left side and she also found blood in my urine so she thinks that instead of me being pregnant, that i may have a urinary traction infection, i dont know..i'm very confused. i go for an ultrasound on monday b/c she thinks that i can also have another cyst since i've had one b4 (2yrs ago) with the missed periods, so i dont know.


April - September 16

Well let us know!! It normally takes about 48 hours before you will get the results back anyways. Soemtimes sooner tho depending on the lab it goes to. May not be as busy. I once had a urinary tract infection, they suck! I dont see how you could be getting pregnancy symptoms from that.Good luck!


812 - September 17

thanx, and i will be sure to keep every1 posted.


Vickie - September 24

Becareful! Having a cyst can make you miss a period and feel very sick. I worry that you may be experiencing what they call a Tubular Pregnancy, this means that the baby has grown in your fallopian tube, and with you having side pain I would make sure someone looks at you soon. Good Luck


babyluv - September 24

I had a tubal pregnancy last year. It first started the day after christmas I was 8 weeks, it started with light pink spotting and then it was brown, I thought it was normal so I let it go on for 1 month, then I went to the dr. the only way they were able to see it was through a v____al ultra sound, i also had a slight pain on my left side. So make sure you go and get that checked out, it is nothing to play with.


812 - September 24

well i went to the dr. and had the ultrasound and she said that my ovaries are fine and that i dont have any cysts. she did, however, ask me a lot of pregnancy questions but she didnt say anything else, b/c she cant. she had asked when my next dr. appt was, so there's obvisously something. i dont go back to the dr. until the 15th of Oct. but i wanna do a hpt to make sure b/c our city's festival is coming up and i want to get on the rides, but not if i'm pregnant. well i will keep everyone posted!


queen - October 4

sounds to me like your making all this up...the docs would give you a blood test..


queen - October 4

plus they WOULD tell you if you wer preg or not!



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