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lynette - April 7

hi everyone im so happy to be back on this side of the forum. i have spent the last 9 months in the preg loss postings and have recieved some tremendous support from many friends on those threads. i sufferd a m/c at 14 weeks, june 2005. it was my fisrt preg. afrer which i have had very irregular cycles. i was convinced that i would never concieve again. any way we are estatic. i got my first positive march 23 and had my hcg levels drwan. thay were 37. i was very concerned over this... it siad it was between 3-4 weks. 13 days later i had it rechecked at it went up to 11920..!!! which really excited me and DH. i am being booked for an ultrasound in a few weeks.... soory so long winded. i would really love if any one would also share there hcg levels with me/... thanks ..


GraceRenee - April 7

Lynette- welcome back to the pregnancy board!!! I am 12w1day pregnant and my last two pregnancies ended in miscarriage at 10.5 weeks. As you can imagine the first trimester is so hard after that! I had HCG levels but mine were much later than yours. 7weeks (116,000) and 7weeks 3 days (146,000) How many days LMP were you when you had yours tested? Sounds like the are rising nicely! I wish you the best!


lynette - April 8

Hi GraceRenee, my cycles are so irregular. i had my last period jan 22. after 45 days i went to see my dr he said that i should do a preg test a week just to be sure. so i got my first positive march 23. i am a little concerned beciuse my last pregnancy started like this. i was 3 months with no af and then i ended up pregnant. i was nervous at first but i can see no point in being nervous. i will do everything healthy and if its going to happen again there is nothing i can do about it. i will just try and enjoy this pregnancy ... i wish you lots of luck and a healthy pregnancy.


GraceRenee - April 9

Sounds iike you will need an ultra sound to date your pregnancy. But with an HCG of 37 you may have only been 10-12 days past ovulation... or just under 4 weeks pregnant. We tell ourselves there is not point in being nervous, but we still find ourselves nervous don't we? I have told myself a million times, "What will be, will be, and I cannot change it" And yet I still wonder "What will be?" every day. I think it is the not knowing that we just hate.


tndrlvn - April 9

Good Mornin all, just thought i would give you an update, i went to the dr. yesturday for an HCG test, jsut to make sure all is well with baby. I went from 405 last week to 6058 this week,.(i'm 6 weeks prego. ... YAAAAAAAAAAY ME. Dr. says being over 6000 mark, gives me a better chance of not miscarring. that sure makes a person relieved to hear something like that. Mind you I have been taking it very easy, resting alot. But he also said due to my previous miscarriages he wants me to go to an early Ultrasound........I get to see the baby in 10 days!!!!!! I can't wait. I thought I'd have a few months to wait. Very excited. Wish you all well. let me know how all is going.


Kira_lynn - April 10

Oh tndrlvn thats sooo exciting!! 10 days is gonna go by really fast. I hope i get an early u/s as well. I had a m/c at 13 weeks and it was at my 1st u/s i found out that there was no baby. IF ONLY they had done a scan at 8weeks they would have found no baby! Fingers crossed


Jennifer28 - April 10

LYNETTE- Congrats on your BFP! I also m/c - in Dec '05 - and got my BFP on 3/22. I completely understand your concerns and would like to share my hcg levels with you! I tested on Mon., 4/3 and my levels were at 22,800. Tested again on Wed., 4/5 and they jumped to 35,467. On Wed. 4/5 I was 5w 6d preggo. My doc said my levels were VERY high and each pg varies. I also had an early u/s and got to see the h/b! VERY exciting. It sounds to me like your levels are rising nicely so try not to worry! (I know that is easier said than done!) Good luck with your u/s! TNDRLVN- Congrats on your good news! What a relief, huh? I wish my doctor would give me more positive news during my visits, but he doesn't want to get my hopes up. GRACERENEE- Congrats on getting out of the horrid 1st trimester!! I cannot wait to be out myself. Although I am only 6w4d, I am still counting each and every day. :)


lynette - April 10

hi everyone thanks for your responses. it really helps to hear from everyone!! Jennifer28 sounds lke your levels are rising great. im trying not to worry but my last pregnancy ended so bad that its hard to relax!! with the last pregnancy development stopped at 8 weeks and i went on thinking that i was preg for 7 weeks after, i begged the doctors for an ultrasound or blood work since i had some spotting and crampming. they just told me to rest. im sure the tests woundnt have changed the outcome but it would have stopped me from continuing on thinking that all was fine. i have had some slight cramping over the last two weeks, its off and on. i ahd the same thing the last time, but i have no spoting this time. well im keeping my fingers crossed, today should 6w6d. i still dont havethe datye of my u/s but ill keep ya posted. take care everyone!!


NVgirl - April 10

Hi just wanted to jump in --- hCG numbers kind of confuse me, but I have been taking blood tests ever Friday since March 24th. March 24th (8dpo, 2w6d) the family practice doctor didn't tell me my numbers, but said I wasn't pregnant... then on March 30th I took a HPT and it said BFP, so this time the OBGYN did another hCG blood test on the 31st (15dpo, 3w6d) and the numbers came back 330. My OBGYN's PA said that is low, but it is early pregnancy. I thought for my time frame of the test it is high. I am so confused. They had me take another hCG blood test on April 7th (22dpo, 4w6d) and I should be getting the test results back some time today. I am so nervous --- just hoping the numbers come back ok.


NVgirl - April 10

Oh forgot to add... I m/c on Oct 31st at 9w, baby was 6w... have been on the Preg loss forum since Feb... they were a great source of help over there.


GraceRenee - April 10

Welcome NVGirl!!! Your HCG number was very good for 15 dpo... absolutely nothing to be concerned about there! Hope your next number is just as beautiful!


NVgirl - April 10

I am all excited. Just got the call back from the OBGYN... my 2nd hCG test was 4,330 (22dpo, 4w6d), I didn't know what to expect. I was actually hoping they would say that it was over 1700.


tndrlvn - April 10

Hi NV, i believe your HCG level is a good level, last year my first one came out at 24 and my Dr. said i am just pregnant. He said anything above 10 is a postive. So congrats hun You are pregant. My Dr. figures I would be in the 20,000 this week. But he said there are no concerns to do anymore HCG until the 20th when i have my first prenatal visit.....Hi Kira-lYnn, thank you i am very excited. I know it a m/c could still happen but i am still taking things easy, and relaxing, dh is makin sure of that. JENNIFER Congrats hun!!!!!!!!!!!! Mornin sickness must be kickin in for you hey? now that my HCG level is getting higher, sickness has kicked in. Told DH only sickness i want is morning,,,,,,,,,starting to regret saying that hahahhaa j/k. As long as it is for baby i don't care. ... anyhow evening ladies,,,, wish you al well with your testing,,,keep me posted.. chow mummies.........(DOESN'T THAT SOUND JUST GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!)


lynette - April 12

Hey girls just wanted to drop in and give you a pregnancy update on me. today i am 7w1d...... i think!! anyway, they came back for an u/s appt for the 30th of june... i would be 20 weeks. arrgggh. i went back and they resent the request for next week,. so i should know in a couple of days when it will be, my doctor said it will be beofre the end of april. i have been feeling good, mild cramping from time to time and some slight nausea after i eat, oh yeah and i cant forget the tender breats, they are very tender!!! lol. NVgirl: your blood work sounds great, im so excited for you, its increasing good so that must be a relief for you... ghood luck. Congrats to all you girls... im so excited. im trying to stay grounded and not get to hyped but thats hard to do!! take care


M2max - April 12

Hi I am new to the board m/c twice this year and am either 4.5 or 5.5 weeks pregnant and my first HCG was on the day of missed period and it was 143.6 . 5 days later it came back only 320. My midwife said she's see low levels turn out fine but I am really bummed. My b___sts are tender and I'm tired but I'm not peeing a lot. I go back tomorrow to repeat levels.


tndrlvn - April 12

Hello Ladies, just wanted to drop by and let you all in on the symptoms and what not i have been having.... everything is going great...started morning sickness this week.... but i realized it only happened after i took my prenatals....then realized i was supposed to eat when i take them .....duh... blonde moment. hehehe so as of tomorrow i am going to start eating when i take them and see how all works out..... counting down the days to see baby in US. I have my first appointment with Dr. in a week...very excited to see how all is going. I have very very tender b___sts...hubby can't even touch me right now. tomorrow i am 7 weeks!!!!!!! I have been getting chest pains, like under the b___sts, I'm sure it is all due to the ducts growing. Also i have been having a lot of flutters in my right side, just above the rib cage.... has anyone else had this???? i'm sure it is all normal...not letting myself stress over it. Just enjoying the pregnancy... Let me know how all is going for you....take care!!!!


Kira_lynn - April 12

Hi M2max, Im nervous about my numbers as well. My family doc sent me for my hcg on 18dpo and it came back at 182. LOW. They said i might have ovulated late. I terrified, the best part is that they transferred my file to a specialist who hasnt called me yet for an appointment! I did read on the american pregnancy a__sociation, that all levels are only significant with multiple bloodtests, and are different for each women. A 3-4LMP should be between 70-4000 (or something like that) its SOO drastic how far the numbers can vary. I wish i didnt know my levels.



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