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ttgg - August 28

my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for about a month now. When we first tried I just knew i was pregnant because I had all the signs, I think I was just making myself believe it bc that is what i wanted. I am on the 24th day and only 4 days to go until my period is suppose to be here, i am very impatient and i hate waiting and wondering, i have taken many hpt's and they are all neg, i also had a blood test done on Aug 9th and it was negative too, but we have only been trying since July 25. Do you know of any hpt's that will determine pregnancy this early? Could the blood test have been wrong because it was so early? I am just anxious and do you think I should take another hpt at the end of the week, when my period is suppose to be here, bc i usually run every 24 days and i am 2 days late, but i know 28 is regular that is why i have waited. and i dont have any signs of my period right now either, which i usually have signs like 3 days b4 it comes.


Kerry - August 19

They say that a test is accurate from the first day of yoyur expected period so wait till then and try again,If a neg result but no period wait another week and try again they say it depends on how high your levels are.The first time I thought i was pregnant I was 1 Week late took the hpt and It was neg this time I was 4 days late and took hpt showed up strong positive.Just try and relax, I know it's tough but wait alittle longer. Good Luck


ttgg - August 21

thanks for the response, I am expecting my period today.. but nothing yet and no cramping yet.. I usually start 24-26 days but i dont consider myself late until the 28th which is today!!!!!! =)


jojo - August 26

i was two weeks late before i had a positive test. i had taken 4 test before and all said negative.


Gege - August 26

It all depends on the person. It just depends on your hormone levels. You only ovulate once in a cycle so there are truely only two days you can get pregnant every cycle and it does not always happen the first time around. I recomend charting your cycles, it takes all of the worry and wondering out. Then you know when everything should happen. My first pregnancy around the test did not show up until 1 week because my HCG levels were two low. This pregnancy showed up a day before my period. I used Always. I like them best. Do you have any other signs? My chest hurt and I had small period like cramps 4 days before it was expected.


ttgg - August 28

Well, my period came, so I am a__suming I am not pregnant. We are going to keep trying though. The only thing weird with my period this month was that is was a lot heavier and lasted 2 days longer than normal. Thanks for all the responses.


April - August 28

A little word of advise for next month ttgg, sperm 'can' stay alive in you for up to 5 days. This means, that there is more hope than just two days out of a cycle..If you are due to ovulate mid week, I would be making sure that you are 'trying' at least 5 days in advance. Thats how I got pregnant. I didnt even have to have s_x the day that I was ovulating. Since some women also dont ovulate each month this is hard to tell.. I would just keep 'trying' as often as you can... and keep in mind they can stay alive for 5 days!!!


ttgg - October 1

I just found out I am 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant... I am so so so EXCITED I just hope things go good!! wish me luck!


Mary Ann - October 2

The Clear Blue Easy pregnancy test can confirm a pregnancy with rather good reliability up to 4 days early. The test is the one that actually says on it" test up to 4 days before your period is due". Don't confuse it with there regular pregnancy test. Good luck!



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