Please Tell Me How Many Weeks Pregnant I Am

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sonyab - April 30

hi everyone just new to the forum here, i have been reading the forum for about three weeks now, but had lots of trouble logging in, but now i have made it on here yippy!!!, i'm pregant for the first time, and i'm really confused how many weeks i'am. i had my last period 10th of march and i think we conceived 25 th of march. i was told by my local gp i'm due 15th of dec.


Angie603 - April 30

I'm an RN, not that it matters much since I don't work in OB. How we determine due dates using something called "Nagele's Rule" is by taking the date of your last menstrual period and adding 7 days to that and then subtracting 3 months. So...if your lmp was march'd add 7 days, which brings you to march 17, then you'd subtract 3 months which brings you to December. So, December 17th 2006 should be your due date. Also, when you "become pregnant" you are automatically 3 weeks. It's kind of weird to try and rationalize. But the 40 weeks of pregnancy starts at the date of your last menstrual period. That's why many people go to the dr. and are 3 weeks further along than they thought. Hope this helps.


Angie603 - April 30

Sorry! I didn't read your post's early in the morning. You should be 7 weeks 2 days today. Just count back from March 10th.


sarahbaby11 - May 12

your gp was right you would be due december 15th according to your lmp. this is the almost the same day as when you think you ovulated. that would be dec 16th so you are right there.


shesdymed - May 14

Angie603 i have a question . i had an abortion prior to my pregnancy now and that was only 5 weeks after the abortion. i dont know when i will give birth being that i didnt get my period after my abortion so how would i find out otherwise?


sara b - May 14

shesdymed I would count the day of your abortion as the first day of your LMP since you probably had bleeding for quite awhile after. If its been 5 weeks since then that would make you 5 weeks pregnant if you ovulated 14 days after the termination. An ultrasound will help pinpoint an exact due date but this would put you to be due around January 16, 2007. Best wishes.



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