Please Tell Me Im Being Paranoid

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elizhope - January 18

I am 7w4d and had a miscarriage last March. So needless to say this time around Im really scared its going to happen again. I have had 2 u/s so far (one at 6w0d and at 7w2d) both times there was a strong heartbeat (142bpm 2 days ago)and my doctor said everything was looking great so far. I dont have many severe symptoms to begin with. Just been really tired, moderate sensitive bbs, bad headaches and very very slight nausea(no vomiting at all). Last night I went to bed feeling like I had for weeks and felt as "pregnant" as I usually do, this morning I woke up feeling great! Like my old self again. I had enegy, no headache, my bbs barely felt sensitive at all. Could I be miscarrying? No spotting or anything, I just have heard when your symptoms go away its a sign you are losing the pregnancy. Please someone tell me Im paranoid!!


HeatherIsHopeful - January 18

you are being very paranoid. :) it is very very normal for symptoms to come and go, its also for them to vary in intensity. Im sure your little bean is just fine, and hearing (or seeing) the heartbeat reduces your chances for miscarriage drastically. good luck hon. I hope you have a very happy and healthy pregnancy. -Heather<3


newlywed0915 - January 18

yeah, the paranoia is normal.;-) So are the constant fluctuating symptoms. Dont' worry, it'll come back.


elizhope - January 26

So the symptoms came back for a few days and I had my 3rd sonogram this past wed (23rd) I was 8w1d and HR was 165. So everything was great! But here it is 3 days later and my symptoms are gone again!!!! I just wish I was past the 12 week mark so I would have more confidence that Im not going to lose this baby.


tish212 - January 26

the hbs u gave r relatively similar to mine right around those times and my dd was just born dec 18th healthy as could be! my symptoms also came and went one day I'd be sick as anything and my chest hurt if u looked at it funny..then the next day I'd feel great... I can understand ur worrying and I don't think it will stop but what ur going through is normal and the hr's u gave sound great! (im just gonna guess in advance ur gonna have a little girl) we will see in 8 months if I'm right :) relax and keep us posted on how ur doing!


llukenjess - January 28

I am verrryy paranoid too. Three years ago, and now i'm 6 weeks prego. I have slight burning sensation in my abdomen with slight lower back pain. No bleeding. Headaches no nausea. barely ANY sysmptoms.....Please tell me i'im being paranoid!!!


llukenjess - January 28

I left out...three years ago i had a misscarried


newlywed0915 - January 28

light back pain is normal, because of the hormone changes. It loosens your back muscles. Paranoia follows throughout the pregnancy. I'm 18 weeks now and I'm still scared when I go for my U/S on Thursday that the baby won't be alive! I feel slight flutters eery now and then, but nothign consistent yet, so ya know...naturally I'm just waiting to get those consistent kicks. Wish we were all rich enough to have at home sonogram machines. Lol.Of course its paranoia, but I dont' let it dominate my moods and feelings about the pregnancy.


llukenjess - January 28

What about the buring??


newlywed0915 - January 28

not quite so sure about the burning. Check with your doc. You could be developing a urinary tract infection. Which is normal during pregnancy.


elizhope - January 28

lllukenjess-it sound like a UTI, maybe ask your doctor to do a urine culture? As for me, I didnt feel good this morning, and now i feel great. Lots of energy and everything. Im also on 200 mg prometrium 2x a day so i wonder if my symptoms are from the medication or from my pregnancy. It is another 10 days until my next appt, I dont think im gonna make it. So you guys are sure symptoms can come and go? Im sooo scared of another missed miscarriage. What are the stats of 2 missed miscarriages in a row? Last time I had the bleeding and stuff start at 11 weeks, but the baby had stopped developing at 6.3 weeks (HR 70). Im scared this time around she/he will stop developing before my next appt. :(



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