Pleassse Give Me Answers Possible Miscarriage

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shaya_xo - May 16

To start off I will tell you this is my 3rd pregnancy..The last 2 have ended in miscarriage, missed miscarriage at 8wks 5 days and then 6 weeks 3 days. When I found out I am pregnant this time I went straight to the doctors and had my hcg levels checked...she said they came back as I was 4 weeks pregnant which matches my dates and when I conceived. They also checked my progesterone levels and it was fine...two weeks later I was sent for another test and hcg came back as 6 weeks and dr said that my levels were strong and she thinks this is going to be a positive pregnancy..a week later(yesterday should be 7 weeks along) I went for an ultrasound, they could only see the sac and no baby or heartbeat and the sac measured 6 weeks 3 days..(A va___al and abdominal ultrasound) She said i will have to come back in 10 days for another ultrasound to check. I feel like I have completely lost hope, there should have been my baby there sad My br___ts are still heavy and sore and I never have really had bad nausea but ALOT of foods make me cringe at the thought and the dizziness & tiredness hasn't gone away. Has anyone had anything similar to this? I would reallly like to hear your stories. Also after my last miscarriage I was tested in hospital to see if theres any reason why I keep miscarrying and everything came back fine, Also had my ovarys and everything checked and still fine.


DownbutnotOUT - May 17

I had a similar thing happen to me, I had an ultrasound when I was 4 weeks 5 days or 5 weeks 3 days (I honestly can't remember). Anyway when I had that scan the tech said all she saw was some fluid in my uterus and not to worry because she was expecting not to see anything because I wasn't that far along. I my next u/s at 6 weeks 5 days and the tech was doing the external u/s and she said she could see the sac but not the baby. I can tell you those words scared the hell out of me as I had been trying to have a baby since my miscarriage. Well the tech pulled out her transv____al u/s and sure enough she was able to see my baby, which was measuring 6 weeks 3 days. I remember her mentioning that we were lucky to see him as she was having trouble getting a good look at his heart beat and yolk sac. I always had a feeling if I went a couple of days earlier we wouldn't have seen anything at all. If your dr is telling you your HCG levels are good I wouldn't worry too much :) I wish you all the best



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