Plz Help 6 Weeks An Spotting

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Princess - May 5

i took a pregnancy test last week an it came out positive. but my doctor's appointment isn't until Wednesday an i have been having c__ps every now and again an i jus went to the bathroom and realized that i am spotting a little light red. is this normal? can someone answer me plz bcuz i am really scared and its my first child and I've bin ttc fro the past 3 years. plz help some one.


HeavenisMine - May 5

Is there any way that your doctor's office could bring you in today if you call and ask them? Or you could be like I was and go over to the emergency room and get checked for peace of mind. Some bleeding and cramping can be a sign of something wrong, but not always. I think it's like a fifty/fifty chance for any trouble as far as miscarriage goes. I wish you only the best!


clindholm - May 5

I have heard that it happens to alot of people, as long as it is not accompanied by severe cramps it may not be a problem. I would go ahead and call the doctor and ask if they can see you earlier to rule out any problems, but most of all to put your mind at ease. Make sure they know you are bleeding. Good luck & let me know how you make out.


FinallyPreggers - May 5

Hi Princess. I spotted (brown) on and off for 2 or 3 weeks starting around week 6. I went to the ER because my first doctor's appointment wasn't until 11 weeks. They checked to make sure my hormone levels were right, my cervix was closed and even did an ultrasound to make sure it was not an ectopic pregnancy. (In case you get an ultrasound, at 6 weeks it is difficult to see things, so if you don't see what you are hoping for, please quiz the doctor to see if he/she is worried). They told me brown spotting is old blood and usually not a problem and red is more worrisome. But they also told me it has to be lots of blood (like a period) to be really concerned. The spotting is probably nothing, but it should be checked by a doctor. I agree with HeavenisMine, can you call your doctor's office and see if you can get in today? If not, you could try the ER or you could try to wait until Wednesday. If it is a m/c, there is nothing you or the doctors can do. If it is ectopic, you need to be seen right away. Please try not to worry too much (yes, I know. I worried no matter how much anyone told me not to). Statistics show 20-30% of women spot during pregnancy without complications. They could only guess why I was spotting - they think it is because I have a large fibroid in the lining of my uterus. I'm 11 weeks now and all is fine. Please let us know how it goes and congratulations on the pregnancy!


trinityjae - May 5

Hey Princess. I would try not to worry too much. I spotted and cramped most of my first trimester. I ran to the doctor as most people would every time it happend and all ultrasounds were normal. Later they found out that my progesterone level was low and prescribed prometrium which stopped the cramping and bleeding. My gorgeous little girl is 14 months and thriving. You may want to ask them to test your progesterone level. Hope this helps.


Princess - May 10

hey everyone thanks for the corncer but on tuesday i had a miscarriage



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