Poll Those Who Got A BFP Implantation Bleeding

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JHS - October 21

Can those of you who got a BFP, comment as to if you had IB? Yes or No? I'm just trying to see who common it is to have or not have it.. Thanks!!


val - October 21

I never had IB


Sarah - October 21

I started light spotting before I would have gotten my period. I thought it was my period but it stopped after a couple of days. Period never really came after that so I took 5 HPTs and got 5 BFPs. Hope that helps.


jen - October 21

I did not have any spotting at all


Edcat - October 21

I had brown discharge the day my period was due and then it stopped, HPTs were all positive


Alex - October 21

Nope, but I ahd implantation cramping


nina - October 22



Renee - October 22

I didn't have any IB. I'm currently 6 weeks PG.


Renee - October 22

Right, I forgot - I did have Implantation cramping though! Felt like a sharp sick sc___ping my uterus right in the middle. But no IB.


Mindi - October 23

I never had any symptoms of a bfp or implant bleeding. I didn't even know I was pregnant until I took the test....I just figured af was on her way.


angelbaby - October 23

I had implantation spotting a week before I expected my period. It confused me, but then I read that it can start as soon as 5 days after conception!


lily - October 25

Yes, for two mornings, bright red..would fade by mid-morning.


jk - October 26

pregnant with # 4 (all normal pregnancies) and I have never had IB.


Kal - October 26

I had one day of pinkish bleeding 4 days before my period was due - started late morning and had stopped by the time I went to bed that night.


Kim - October 26

I never had it, but my friend Jenessa who is 5 wks further along than I am did. She had a little bit of pink one time after going to the bathroom when she wiped.


nancy - October 27

I had IB with my son and again with this pregnancy - that same day or one day after people would say "did you cut your hair, it looks nice" - weird but true


kathy - October 28

everyones implantation bleeding is different-but what makes it different from af ? how long does it last ? and it is mucosy,clotty red? do you need a pad ?



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