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Jamie - January 28

Hi - first pregnancy, so I'm a bit neurotic. A friend told me when you're pregnant you're not supposed to apply pressure to poop. Is this true in the first trimester too? I'm worried I just hurt something. But I'm already having troubles with this and I don't know how to get it out without pressure!


Worry Wart - January 28

I to have the same problem. I never knew not to apply pressure.


Leahp - January 28

hmmm!! I was wondering the same thing when I was sitting on the pooper this morning! HA! It can't be true!


E - January 28

How does one poop without applying some pressure? Just take it easy and don't push so hard that you need to grunt or break capillaries in your face:) ~ the poop expert


Lori - January 28

I also have to coax the poo poo out now that constipation has set in. But I have to say I have never heard of it being dangerous. Has anyone asked their doctor?


Rachel - January 28

I heard that you should try not to push too hard because of the possiblitiy of causing hemmroids. Eat some dried fruit. That should help :)


jamie - January 30

Thank you everyone - it definitely helped!


Lucky1 - January 30

Jamie, I was having the same problem at first (posted it about 2-3 weeks ago) but I realized that If I drink a lot of water I don't have the problem. Try drinking plenty of water to soften your stool, this should help.....(It worked for me!).....Good Luck!! And, congrats on the pregnancy


Cortney - January 31

Ha....It is sooo normal. How many months are you? I am 3 weeks and w/ problems. With my first child not prob, untill the last 14 days....didn't poop at all for the 14 days. I was in pain, needed a__sistance to go pee.....I had to stand....Take a supository or ask a Dr. if a liquid laxative is ok. Do you drink coffee? Eat alot of pasta for a few days...stay away from red-meats and corn...OUCHHY!


E - January 31

Cortney - LMAO about the corn remark:)



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