Possibility Of Miscarriage

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krish - November 14

Hi, I am 7weeks 3 days pregnant. I had appoinment scheduled on this friday nov 16th. But, since yesterday, I am seeing dark brown discharge, it was not heavy bleeding. As bleeding did not stop, I called doctor today and been to doctor. She tested and did ultrasound too. She said that inside uterus, I have dark brown bleeding.. When she did ultrasound, It displayed 5 weeks and 2days(my last menstrual period was sep 23, it should be 7weeks 3days).Also, she mentioned that sac is there, but pulse is very low. She said, it might be too early or there is a possibility of miscarriage. She asked me to go to lab for blood tests today (wed) and friday.And I have next appt. scheduled to be next tuesday(nov 20th). I do not have any cramps. Please let me know whether anyone else experienced similar problem.Any chances of being positive in next tues appt?


EricaG - November 15

I haven't had anything similar but I just want to wish you good luck. I hope every thing turns out ok and please keep us updated on how everything goes.


Nancy - November 16

Hi Krish- I had dark brown spotting with my first pregnancy at about 7 weeks as well. There was quite a bit and I thought for sure I was miscarrying - in addition I had a lot of cramping. I never had an ultrasound at the time, but it stopped after about 2 days and I went on to have a normal pregnancy and a beautiful little boy. Many strange things happen during the first trimester and the general rule is that if spotting is not bright red is not as concerning. It's always difficult to have to wait to get results -hopefully everything is going fine! Good luck


krish - November 16

Thank you Nancy for positive reply. I have next appointment on tuesday and I will get to know what's going to happen. This week, its been so tough to me.



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