Preg After 6 Negatives June Mummy

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jen23 - October 9

hi everyone im new to this forum found out yesterday that im preg after 6 negatives. going to docs today. used online calc and it says im due 5th june. anyone else due then???? lots of heartburn, cant stop eating and really tired all the time. x


GimmeaBub - October 9

I'm due the 11th i think or the 12th lol, yay! Baby juice


autumnsmommy - October 9

I'm not due until about the 13th.


Shiva - October 9

Jen - I also got my BFP on this Friday. and I also checked with Internet Calculator and it says I am due on June13th. Let see I hv got Dr Appointment on Oct 15th. Let see what dr says. I am also scared Gimme. Dont worry everything will be allright. Happy Nine Months to everyone!!


watkins - October 10

congrats! i thought that i was due more around the middle of the month, but it turns out that my EDD is the 8th or 9th, but i will find out for sure when i go to the doc on the 22nd. when was your lmp?


BriannasMummy - October 10

Congratulations.. but because you had 6 negative tests prior to your positive test.. it might mean that you ovulated much later in your cycle, thus making your edd a bit farther into the month. I know all bout it. It took me 3 weeks of being late to get a positive hpt.. turns out I ovulated late. Again .. Congratulations! ~Kristin~


jen23 - October 11

hi watkins congratulations.......... my LMP was 28th august. i was really shocked when i found out. happy now thou im just really hungry all the time and got lots of heartburn!!!


jen23 - October 11

i hope im not due later than i think...... it seems like a while a way as it keep in touch


ma1008 - October 11

i don't think it would change your due date, since doctors go by your last period, not by when you could of conceived.


michelle - October 12

Jen congrats! I just took my 3rd hpt today and i just got my bfp! I'm in shock but i had to come on here and tell someone! Haven't decided how to tell dh yet. I've been really tired lately, hungry, sore bbs for about 2 weeks now.


jen23 - October 12

hi michelle, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! u will soon get over the shock.i feel really dizzy today and nauseas but never mind ill get over it. i cant stop eating all the time either lets hope it pa__ses or baby might be huge lol keep in touch anyway hope everything goes well!!!!!


newlywed0915 - October 15

ugh, I'm so bloated and icky feeling today. I just got my bfp on Saturday after being 25 days late! The doctor is confused about my due date and wants me to come in November 5th for my first appt. I'm confused too. My last period was 8/20/07, so that puts me at 8wks prego. However, I didn't have intercourse until Sept. 15th. So help me on this one... how far along am I? I wish my appt. was earlier.


newlywed0915 - October 15

Jen, I'm just like you. 6 negative hpts and one negative blood test!Finally on the 7th test I got a bfp!



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