Preggers Nose What Did You Smell Today

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Mary - March 22

I was able to smell a coworkers scalp and another coworkers feet - they both where so horrible -- yuck! Do you to have a super sensitive nose? what have you been smelling lately?


Jasie - March 22

I have that same problem, I haven't smelled peoples scalps, but I have a problem with peoples Makes me sick to my stomach. Also the smell of my sons dirty diapers almost has me In my daughters ballet cla__s there is a very heavy woman who always sits by me... The smell that that woman puts off had me totally throwing up, the smell is soooooooooo bad, I have to go outside for fresh air.. Last week I brought some vix and put it under my nose, some of the other mothers were laughing so hard. Anyways I know how you feel with the sensitive nose.. When you get further along in your pregnancy it kinda goes away, im 5 months pregnant and my nose sensitivity is not as bad.......Good Luck.


Mary - March 22

Jasie! hahaha youy made me laugh! In a way is sad, but it is so funny to tell your loved ones about the funky smells your nose picks up ... and to think that they are there 24/7, a normal nose cannot detect them, but they are there anyway! Yikes.


Heidi - March 22

My mom's fridge always smells like mold to me. I threw everything out and scrubbed it and put baking soda in there and I still smell it. My fiance said I'm nuts and he doesn't smell anything. Everything stinks to me. My freshly bathed dog stinks, my hand lotion almost makes me vomit....need I go on. Ha ha!


Jasie - March 22

To Heidi..... Omg when I first became pregnant, I went through a simular situation like yours but it was with my fridge.... Everytime I opened it I almost threw up the smell was so bad... I cleaned it out and scrubbed it very good, but that didn't seem to help. My husband thought it was all in my head and said I was The smell still was bad, I cleaned that stupid fridge 6 Now that im further along it doesn't bother me..... But OMG that woman at my daughters ballet cla__s takes the cake.... One day my husband said the smell was coming from the fat rolls, I told him to shut up or I was going to throw up and he didn't believe me. I said im serious stop now, and he didn't and I puked on him.... Now I know he will belive me from now It's funny the things your body does when your


Jasie - March 22

To Heidi..... My fridge didn't smell like mold it smelled like rotten Anyways how far along are you? And is this your first pregnancy?


Angie - March 22

Hahaha! I am suffering of a hound nose, too. The cat litter - I can smell it from a mile away - it has to be cleaned every hour I am home!


Jasie - March 22

To Angie.... Omg the cat litter box that's a really bad smell, I got one but it doesn't bother me that much, she mostly goes outside " Thank Goodness "


D - March 22

I second the people's breath. I can hardly stand it. In fact, if they get too close, its almost like they burn my nose - I can still smell it an hour after they're gone. My desk is in a corner, so they tend to block me in. I'm sitting there trying to plug my nose or turn and face the other way without them noticing! I think people just stink in general. everyone. even me sometimes. My house stinks terrible. (It didn't one day, and then the next....) I can smell the covered kitchen garbage can from the moment I step in the front door. My fridge smells so bad, I have to hold my breath to get anything out of it. Ironically, my cats boxes don't bother me unless my husband is scooping them... then I have to leave. Cat breath will almost put me over the edge. My friend has an ozonator - you know, those things that are supposed to remove smells.... well, I think it stinks too. My office at work is right outside an unventilated bathroom (how's that for planning?) I'm in a back corner, so everyone comes to it to do anything they don't want everyone to smell.... So then I spray deoderizer, but so help me, that stinks too! My poor husband... I try really really hard not to gag when I kiss him. I never thought he stank before... even his hair stinks - and he uses my shampoo. I love garlic, and I can still eat it, as long as I can't smell it. Hah! Try and figure out how to do that! I could go on..... ;-)


Jasie - March 22

To D.... I agree with you in every Today my 10 year old son went pee in his bathroom and shortly after that I went in there to give my daughter a bath and the whole bathroom reeked of He had missed a little bit and got it on the seat.... I was gagging from the smell while I was wiping it up... I too also have a hard time kissing my husband.... I I also feel bad..But I know he still loves me.


Mary - March 22

D, LMAO! Too funny! I cannot stand the smell of my pee either by the way, or my morning breath jajajaja!


D - March 22

Speaking of pee.... My friend (the one with the ozonator) is caring for her invalid mother in her home. Well, I was sitting next to her mom this weekend when her dad decided to come in and empty the catheter bag into a large open bucket. Pew! I really did go stand outside for awhile! But then I could smell her goats..... dogs... chickens... ducks... and horse! That's when my friend kindly turned on the ozonator.... I got over the pee smell, but the ozonator smell stuck with me the rest of the night.


Heidi - March 23

I'll be 10 wks tomorrow. We're living at my mom's while our house is being built and she's not much of a clean freak like me so every time I open something it's like, oh god, I gotta clean that or I'm gonna gag! Yesterday my lovely dog got in the trash cus it's not locked up like it was at home. So I got to clean that up too. Yes, I cleaned her fridge and it still stinks. They're gone on vacation so I threw almost everything out. I turned on the garbage disposal and down it all went! I can still smell it!!!!! Oh gross! Fat rolls! I'd probably barf too! Ha ha!!!!!


Tanya - March 23

This ismy first pregnancy and 10 weeks 1 day. I find that smells are killing me or even if something looks like it is going to smell I stay away from it or else I will Yak! My favourite sayings right now is OOHH! or that's GROSS!! I was in the car today and this lady walked by. Her hair looked like she hadn't washed it in a week and she had on unwashed pants! I started gaging immedietly. I've also have washed my dog a lot more due to her smelly feet and other things! It is amazing how sensitive we are right now! When does this go away??


Jasie - March 23

To Tanya..... Im 18 weeks pregnant with my 4th child and I still have problems with certain smells.. It's awful at times. It has gotten alot better this trimester then the 1st trimester. The best of luck to you.


Heidi - March 24

I only notice the smells if I feel nauseated. If I'm having a good day, smells don't really bother me. Just depends on how my stomach is feeling! But I know what you mean! Just looking at things make me gag sometimes!!!!


Kelly K - March 24

My husband has a bad habit of rolling over and facing me in bed. His breath just about kills me now when it used to not bother me.



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