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jazminesmom - March 1

hey how are you? i am ok hopeing to O soon. acually i hope to O a little late this time cause hubby pulled a groin mucsle at work and don't know if he can bed this weekend. but since my last cycle was 50 days and didn;t even think i was going to O at all on my own maybe i can just bed from now to the 16th when i am surpose to have af and just hope i get that egg. i was looking up herbal teas that will help with fertility or at least regulate my cycle so i can ovulate and hopefully get preggo just like you


jazminesmom - March 1

i am a dork. preggoplease the name i hope to get preggo but am talking to jessica.


preggoplease - March 1

Hey! Oh thats a big bummer that dh pulled a muscle. If you bd from now until your af is due than I am sure you will catch that eggie! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you!!! Lol...I ordered this test called "intelligender" and it SUPPOSIVELY tells you if you having a boy or girl as early as 10 weeks. Its a pee test. I got it today but I am only 9 weeks, and I am sooooo tempted to take it. I doubt it is an accurate test but I think it's a fun thing to do...and then we'll see how accurate it really is when I get my u/s done in 11 weeks! *~*~*BaByDuSt*~*~* (((catch it all)))


jazminesmom - March 1

i hope your right about catching that eggie. i have been looking on the internet for herbal teas that help regulate your cyle or help with fertility i only found one for fertility but i am going to keep look for others i might try that in a few months if i don't get preggo. i would be tempted too. wait just a week or the middle of next and tell me what it says


preggoplease - March 2

I don't know too much about herbal teas. But you should definitly try pre-seed! I swear thats what gave me my bfp! Is your b-day coming up soon....I'll buy it for Your b___t needs to join me soon! lol.


jazminesmom - March 2

nope b-day not until sept 10th sorry. my wedding anniversary is may 22nd though. will be married 3 years. wow. well hubby and i have been together for 6 years or ever since i was 17. well i want to join you . i may have O today but i don't know well i will talk to you later


micorazon - March 2

Hi...Hope you dont mind me b___ting in but as far as herbs/teas I have heard quite a bit about vitex and dong quai are supposed to be great for fertility but you have to stop using once you become pregnant. I have a friend who swears by vitex in regulating her period but she isnt ttc. Hope that helps.


jazminesmom - March 4

no that is fine, i read about one fertilti tea with a bunch of herbs i was thinking about getting some. i realy need to get regulate so we can get preggo that is why i am just playing by ear and hopeing to get pregnant


preggoplease - March 5

So Rachel do you have any idea is you o'd yet or not?? He he I hope you did!!!! You better bd'ing like crazy!!!


jazminesmom - March 5

i have no officelly, but i think i did friday i am going to bed when i can and hope it works, maybe i will ovulate kits and find stuff to regulate me.


jazminesmom - March 5

i meant to say i have no idea


preggoplease - March 5

Do you bd BEFORE you O too? I would to cover all bases. I would definitly use OPK's. I used them because I hate temping and I don't produce the if it weren't for them I wouldn't have known when I o'd.


jazminesmom - March 5

we beded the day i think i O'ed and sunday so far maybe if i Oed later i will catch the eggie but i am going to use ovulation test maybe next cycle got to see what the money situation is first


jazminesmom - March 5

you know what is funny? i just found out my exboyfriend and his wife are pregnant agian with baby # 2 and their first one isn't even a year yet.


preggoplease - March 6

Wow! They are going to have their hands full! Were hey trying?? My ex husband is going around trying to get girls pregnant because he thinks I am pregnant to make him jealous...I'm like "yeah ok you idiot". He doesn't take care of his kid now....god I hope a girl don't fall for it.


jazminesmom - March 6

did you do that one test about gender yet?


preggoplease - March 7

No not yet, I was going to wait until tomorrow but I think I might do it today. I'll let you know when I do.



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