Pregnancy After A Loss

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Tara - August 18

Anyone pregnant after a miscarriage?This is my fourth pregnancy (2 healthy children). My third pregnancy was a shock to me because at 6 & 9 weeks I had seen baby and heartbeat. I thought for sure I was going to carry the baby to term. I ended up having tiny brown discharge and phoned my doctor. They said nothing to worry about , but got me in for an ultrasound. At 12 weeks my baby had no heartbeat that was one of the worst days of my life. I waited one cycle and now I just found out Im pregnant again.Im so scared of going through another loss that I cant even mentally think or picture myself with another baby. I had a dream last night that I took another pregnancy test and the second line wasent there meaning I was no longer pregnant. I have an ultrasound booked on Sept.6 Ill be 7 weeks and Im so scared to see a heartbeat and get my hopes up just to lose another baby.I thought I was ready to be pregnant again and move on, but being pregnant is just reminding me of what I went through before. I constantly check my panties and worry about every little symptom. I have ulrtasound at radiology clinic, but I dont get to see my doctor until Im 12 weeks and its hard because thats when I lost my last pregnancy. Anyone else going through the same feeling as I am? I want this baby so bad !


Cathy - August 18

Tara, I had a m/c in Dec at 8weeks. When I went in there was no heartbeat. I am 8 weeks along now and actually saw a heartbeat so I am now getting my hopes up. I too am really scared however, just thinking that maybe if I make it past the 10 week mark that all will be ok. (my m/c I was 10 weeks but the fetus only 8). I too check my panties everytime I go and the toilet paper everytime I wipe. I don't want to go through the pain again either. A small part of me is saying that if I am going to miscarry again then please just get it over with now so that I don't become increasingly more attached. Another part says not to worry and everything will be just fine. I know that the stress I am putting on myself isn't good but I just can't help it. I am 33 years old and have had 4 m/c's. I am thinking that if it happens again I'm am not even going to try anymore, and make sure it doesn't happen again. Getting my tubes tied and a v for my dh. I don't know if this has helped you or not, but I know it has helped to get it off of my chest. The best that we can do is pray and hope for the best and I guess expect the worst? That is what I have been doing. Baby glue to you! Good luck


Tara - August 18

Cathy, I pray we both will be will have healthy babies. I was reading that if baby has a strong heartbeat at 8 weeks then you have a 95% chance that you will not miscarry, so the odds are in your favor.Did you have testing to determine why you miscarried 4 times? I live in Canada and the doctors here are really bad. . After having two other babies I knew something was wrong with this last one. Nobody had ever taken my HCG levels and if they would of they could have prepared me for the shock. I asked doctor if he would take Hcg level and he said he didnt want to . I was shocked when I seen that ultrasound with no heartbeat. Im going to new doctor he seems more sensitive, but doesent have the experience my old doctor had. I thought I need someone more concerned and caring this time around .Baby glue to you


sm - August 18

Tara, it does sound like you need a new doctor. I have had 2 miscarriages in the past year, 1 at 7 weeks in October and one at 11 weeks in March. I am the same way as both you and Cathy where I am scared to death and I am trying to not be too excited but I can't help to admit that I am.I am 7 weeks now and have my first ultrasound tomorrow. I am scared to death. I have yet to see/hear a heartbeat for either pregnancy so this is definitely going to be a big deal for me. Cathy, I have only had 2 m/c and could not imagine how I would feel with having another one, I pray for you and this baby b/c I could not imagine what you have been going through. Tara- I will also be thinking of you b/c I know exactly how you are feeling.


Beth - August 18

This is my 2nd first one ended in a m/c in March. I went for an ultarsound today thinking I was 8 w 4d and they put me only at 7 weeks and pushed back my due date 10 days.I was very bummed about this. I did see a heartbeat today and it was wonderful! My last pregnancy ended at 7 weeks, but I never saw a heartbeat. I have so much anxiety about this being a healthy pregnancy I can hardly stand it! In my favor (Ithink!!??) is the fact that I am nauseaous all day long, exhausted and have extrememly sore b___sts. The u/s tech. told me nothing about the heartbeat speed, etc. just said everything looked good, changed the due date, gave me a picture and said Congratulations. Tara and Cathy you are both in my prayers and of luck on the u/s tomorrow! Keep us posted. Let's all try to keep in touch...maybe through the power of prayer and the support of talking about this...we'll all be congratulating eachother in April on our new babies! God Bless!


K - August 18

Hi ladies! I know how you're feeling, This is my 4th pregnancy (1st was healthy baby, 2nd were m/c) and I'm very nervous. I am 5 weeks along right now, I have an appt 9/8 for an ultrasound since I've had the 2 m/c. I'm very nervous, but trying not to think bad thoughts! Of course, I was so devistated the last 2 times it's hard not to think about it! I keep trying to tell myself that this is a good pregnancy, nothing bad will happen. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you all!


joanna - August 19

I'm with you ladies.. had a 1st m/c in april, however whats worse is that I had no symptoms - had a heartbeat at 8 weeks then did a quick u/s at 10 wks as I work in a hospital, and the doctors face said it all.. no more heartbeat. Now I am 5 wks and already did 2 hcg on my own in a laboratory in town.. at least I felt rea__sured by that going up as it should.. but like you all, just living in a little denial about the whole thing. I'm just glad we got pregnant so quickly - it is something to be thankful for (well, after 2 yrs of no luck, then finding out I needed some clomid for mild pcos!!) many baby safe dust clouds for all of us.. I feel for all of us having to live through such loss, especially tara and the others who had more than 1. x


Carrie - August 19

I understand how all of you feel. I am pg ..about 7 weeks-due april 3 and scared to death. I had a miscarriage in jan and june. in june my progesterone and hccg levels were bad, but now they are good -which is promising. question did anyone of you have good levels then did have a miscarriage? Just wondering


sm - August 19

I went for my u/s today and the u/s technician did not show up for work today. This is exactly what happened the last time when I had a miscarriage. Anyway, so my doctor tried to do a u/s and we saw the fetal pole and she said my sac is high in my uterus, which is a good sign but we were unable to see a heartbeat. She mentioned that she thinks I am 6 weeks instead of 7 weeks. She is not very good with v____al ultrasounds so she scheduled me to come back on next Tuesday when the technician will be there. It is all just very irritating b/c I was hoping for something more definite going into the weekend. I just feel like I am becoming so impatient. Anyway, I just wanted to give you all an update to my non-eventful ultrasound today.


Cheryl - August 19

I'm 24 years old and pregnant again with. I'm currently 7 weeks along. I m/c our first pregnancy at 10.5 weeks. I went in for an early u/s this time and we saw the heartbeat at 6weeks 0 day. It was beating 116 beats per minute. I hope that is a good number. I'm really scared that a m/c could and will happen again. I find I'm really distant with this pregnant. I'm trying not to bond because I'm so scared I will lose it. And I don't know if I could deal with that again. My thoughts are with everyone who is going through a pregnancy after m/c.


Jodi - August 19

I'm with the rest of you...scared to death. This will be my second pregnancy first ended in m/c in may. I can't believe how many people actually go through a m/c. The doctors or anyone for that matter don't really talk about it and after having mine it seems so common almost as common as babies being born everyday. Beth I totally agree with you about the power of prayer!! If is wasn't for prayer this last time I don't think I would be where I am right now. I think I'm about 4 weeks along now. I got for my first doc's appt on the 25 of this month, just doin lab work that's all. But anyway Just want you all to know that I'll be praying too!!!! God Bless and Good Luck


Tara - August 19

Beth, I agree with you and the power of prayer! I will be praying for everyone of you ladies. I have been having cramps more like before you get your period nothing really painful, but I sure hope nothing happens. Its so hard to get really excited until I know things are looking good. All we can do right know is hope and pray.


Beth - August 21

Just checking in... how is everyone doing?! I had a rough morning today... seems like if I feel good in the morning I feel bad at night and vice versa. Although I take the nausea as a good sign that the hormones are all working and doing their thing! Everyone else ok?! God Bless!


joanna - August 21

Hi Beth and all.. this is really hard, worse than I thought.. one minute wishing I wasnt even pregnant as I dread having to go through a m/c again.. then having to plan for the future - have to fly home to the UK at 3 months otherwise I don't see my family (if all goes well) and dh doesnt want me to go, in case it risks the baby. Denial one minute.. planning for "just in case it goes ok" the next.. I'm trying to wait for an u/s until 6 wks, so at least we can see a heartbeat (5 wks today) but every day with nausea and without bad signs is a blessing I suppose!! tara, having cramps like period is ok if they are light apparently. Jodi, good luck for your appt. prayers for all..


Tamisha - August 21

Hi ladies. I too suffered a m/c in May. I had one af and got pg again. I am currently going into my ninth week. My due date is March 28th. I had an ultrasound on Tuesday and the heartbeat was 150. I am nervous about this pg as well. I don't think I am so much trying not to be attached, but I just am not as excited as I was about the last one, as it was my first.


Cathy - August 22

Hi Ladies, It is good to know that I am not alone out here. I have had some light spotting in the last week at first it was light pink discharge but on Saturday it was red (mucusy) with some minor cramping. Today I have not had either. I go for a nurses visit tomorrow so I will bring it up. I am just feeling scared again, like I said before if it is going to happen (m/c) just get it over with now so I don't get too attached. I am not letting myself get attached or bond because I dont' want to go through the pain again. My dh is being very supportive right now which is comforting. Good luck to all.


Angie - August 22

Hello everyone! Well, it seems that there are a lot of us out here. I am 24 and pregnant for the 2nd time within 6 mths. My 1st preg. ended very sadly around 10 wks., my doc never even heard a heartbeat. Right after losing the baby I found out that precancerous cells were forming aggressively on my cervix. I believe that had something to do with it. Immediately they performed a LEEP procedure and took care of all the badness in there. I agree with you when you speak of the power of prayer. Going through all this all in one b__w really strengthened my faith. Faith seemed like the only way to keep my sanity. After the LEEP, I had one normal cycle and became pregnant again immediately. I was scared to death. I am now 11 weeks pregnant and already heard the baby's heartbeat at 6 wks. and strong at 147 bpm. Part of me is still very scared, and will be until I'm holding my healthy newborn child in my arms, but I decided right off the bat that I would not let fear be my guiding emotion. That would cause a lot of stress and would hold me back from bonding with my baby. I can't let that happen, that would be taking away everything great about being pregnant. It might be easier said than done for some, but you can't let fear dominate your life, period. If you did, you wouldn't be pregnant again in the first place. Take it for what it is, not what it might be. We are all stronger than we think. God Bless.



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