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H - May 19

Is anyone pregnant or been pregnant directly after having m/c. If so please let me know how everything is going? I am really wanting to start trying again!


Ashley - May 19

I had a m/c in dec. and I am almost 3 months pregnant and my baby is fine. At first they thought that it wasn't ok bc i was bleeding but, everything ened up to be ok.


SB - May 20

I had a miscarriage in February and I am now pregnant again. I never got a period and I am now almost 13 weeks. I bleed in the beginning as well but everything seems to be going fine. I have had 2 ultrasounds but I am still nervous as hell. We are still afraid to tell people...who knows, maybe we will soon!


Heidi - May 21

Hello, I had a miscarrige 11th March. I was 5 weeks. I thought I would come on on 11th April and didn't so I did a test and it was positive!!!!! I was so pleased. So I fell straight away. I am now 10+1 and all is well so far, I have my first scan on 7th June. Fingers crossed!


Petra - May 23

I m/c in january, at 8 weeks. But the pregnancy had stopped developing at 5 weeks. After one af I was pregnant again. Did loose some blood in week 8 again. But three days later the U/S showed heartbeat. Do you girls know what caused your bloodloss?? I stilldon't know what caused mine but think if was due to constipation. Too much pressure.


Gina - May 23

I had one period in between. I am 9 weeks now.


Bethie - May 23

I just found out this past weekend that I am pregnant took 5 HPT's..! I had a m/c in March at 5 weeks. I'm so worried it's going to happen do you get thru each day? I'm constantly running to the bathroom to make sure AF hasn't arrived..


KIshia - May 25

Did you have any symptoms of pregnancy or did af just never show up?


staci - May 25

hi, i had my m/c in march and had no af in between and am now 7 weeks pg today. i am fearful everyday...I am now on prometrium-400 mg at night. I am hoping this will make a difference, I jst cant imagine going through another loss. I m/c last time at 6w5d. prayers to everyone!


Steph - May 25

It happened to my friend Misty which I met right here! She's now in the 2nd trimester and the Dr.s could'nt believe it! She had to go pull the records to prove herself :o)



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