Pregnancy After M C

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charliepaulchloe - March 1

HI all just wondering if anyone can help ease my mind, had m/c in dec 05 found out yesterday im about 6-7 wks preg cant help stressing though that maybe i will lose this one as well. have been trying to concieve for 3 yrs now so really made up to be caught again. already have 6yr old girl, preg with her was very different. cheers


barney - March 1

Hi there, I had a m/c nov 05 so not long before you. It was my first pregnancy and wewere very distressed and surprised by the loss. We wanted to wait a couple of month before trying again, but didnt use contraceptives on one occa__sion (only 2 weeks after m/c). I was gob smacked to find out 6 weeks later that I was pregnant again so soon. This one has been more nerve wracking I guess, but dont stiffle the excitement you feel-this is a miricle growing inside you and it stands as good chance of survival as any other. I am now 12w 3d and still a little nervous each time I get a strange pain or sensation-but when I had my first!!! Remember each day that goes by is getting you one step closer, dont let your past experience detract from it.


Robyn - March 1

H girls, I have had 2 m/c and just found out that I am pg - about 4 weeks. I understand your fears too well. I thought Barney's insight was great - you really helped me to be positive. There is another thread on the 1st tri board called Pregnancy after a miscarriage - want to chat. You should both check it out - everyone is really nice and we're all going thru the same thing. Good luck to you both!


haven - March 1

Hello I had a miscarriage on December 6th and found out I was pregnant again without even having a cycle inbetween! I am now 10 weeks 5 days have had two ultrasounds both showed fetal heartbeat. My chances of miscarrige at this point are the same as anyone who is pregnant and has never had a miscarriage!


shutens - March 8

i had a m/c feb 19. last week had very sharp pains in my side, is it possible to ovulate that soon after a m/c? with our first three i had to go on clomid to get preg. and was told that after each preg. i couls start ovulating normally? then all in one week we found out we were preg. and then we m/c.


Lyndsey - March 8

I know how you feel. I had a m/c in Feb. last year & I just found out that I'm about 6 weeks along in my 2nd pregnancy. I have tried to be positive & excited about it & have done pretty good but I do have some slight cramping every once in a while. It really bothered me at first but now all I can think about is how my baby is growing, that I'm eating healthy & exercising, taking my vitamins & drinking plenty of water, OJ, & milk. But the one thing that keeps me going is making it to that seemingly unatainable 2nd trimester. I was more worried I think after the m/c that I couldn't get pregnant & I' m only 20 with endometriosis. I know this time will be different though & just perfect. I wish you all the best of luck. We all have a time & a place to do what theLord has put us here to do. Congratulations on your pregnancy.


SuzieQ - March 8

I'm in the same situation - had two m/c's last year and am now 10w3d along. It's been scary - had some spotting at 6 weeks, but my scan showed everything to be normal. I rented a home doppler at 9w and heard the heartbeat at 9w3d. It's been nice having it just for rea__surance. My dh and I are starting to get excited, but are still kind of scared to get too excited, you know?


charliepaulchloe - March 13

shutens, it is very possible to get preg straight after m/c the cervix is more open they say that is the best time to try again, although i wasnt actually trying yet at that point it just happened took me a bit by surprise. ive got my first scan today so cant wait for that, i think im about 8-9 wks now but i think they will tell me im not that far because my first child was very small while i was carrying her she was born at 6lb 2oz though they were expecting her to be smaller. good luck with ur pregnancy keep me informed. xxx


shutens - March 19

took a hpt today and it did show positive. the line was faint, but was there. we decided taht we are not going to tell anyone until we know for sure that everything is ok.



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