Pregnancy And Cysts

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Louise - November 4

I am 7 weeks pregnant and i am getting these weird cramps and heaviness. I went for an ultrasound scan yesterday and the sac was there with the baby and the heart was beating, i could even see the heart beating. They also found cysts on both sides. Is this normal? I also got my picture home of the baby and the baby is at the bottom of the sac, is that normal. Should it not be at the top of the sac.


Christine - November 4

I was in almost your situation a few weeks ago...when I found out I was pregnant I went for a sonogram (due to cramping) and found out I had a large cyst on my left ovary...It is common to have cyst's..pregnant or not, just make sure your doc watches them closely. Most cyst's are not cancerous, and most come and go in the same month..during pregnancy though due to high hormone levels they can grow and grow...Mine unfortun. kept growing and started to cause a lot of pain so as soon as I hit 13 weeks I had to have surgery to drain it...(Hopefully it will not grow back but they were not certain)..I am now 17 weeks tomorrow and everything is going great...I even feel a lot better. Good luck...not really too much to worry and the baby will be fine.


Louise - November 4

Thank You so much. I am crying alot the now as i worry about the slightest thing. I dont wont them to be cancerous either, so i am hoping they go away, soon. Can i ask one more thing i got that worried of the pain that i was scared incase i had a ectopic pregnancy but when i went for a scan they saw the sac, the baby and its heart beating. Can they tell an ectopic pregnancy on a ultrasound scan? I mean can they see the sac when the pregnancy is an ectopic in an internal scan. My doctor said they cant see the sac when its an ectopic pregnancy but felt he was just saying that to get rid of me as my doctors gamble on peoples lives. Help


Louise - November 4

Goodluck Christine


Christine - November 5

Louise..I'm not sure if they see the sac or not with an ectopic pregnancy but I do know that they can tell with an ultra sound whether or not it is...Dont worry everything will be ok...cysts are most commonly not cancerous...most commonly cancerous after menapause.. You should know that most woman when they ovulate get a cyst each month...normally they just go away within the same month..but not you see with our situations...everything will be fine..just hang in there and like I said make sure your doc keeps you updated on it all..


christine - November 5

By the baby was at the bottom of the sac as well...I believe thats where they are supposed to be..not at the top..this is my 3rd and I dont ever remember any of my sonograms being different than these. Hope I helped...and thanks..everything is going ok for me..still have aches and pains but thats normal...


Christine - November 5

Louise...I forgot to mention...I dont know how much your doc talked to you about the cyst...but you are not supposed to have any intercourse..


Louise - November 7

Thanks alot. That really helped. I was in the hospital at the weekend as started to feel really weak, dizzy and very nausiated. I have low blood pressure. Which i am worried about as pregnancy can cause that. I am not bleeding or anything but sometimes get a period tight feeling down the bottom of my stomach. I feel like total c___p the now. i hope my babys fine in there and i am not causing it to much grief


Tiffany - November 20

I had a similar situation, I had sharp pains on my left side, I went to the doctor I'm ony 5 wks. He said it was a normal cyst on my left ovary. He also said this is common, if I didnt have it the baby woudnt survive. I'm worried my sister is a doula and has never heard of this before, neither have I. Any suggestions?


Christine - November 22

Tiff it is not true that if you did not have the cyst the baby would not might need to call around for a new doc that was out is true that a small cyst on your ovary can help hold the uterus/sac in place and can be a good thing...not a "needed thing" is also normal to have a cyst during pregnancy...try not to worry long as it does not grow to be very large as mine did you should be fine...most cysts come and go...and truth is most woman dont even know that they have one...find out the size...if it is under 5cm they call this normal...mine was 9 and grew to 12...worst case I ended up having to have it drained which stunk but now me and the baby are fine and the cyst (thank god) is gone...good luck


Louise - December 5

I think mines is getting bigger. I am having a weird pain feeling on my left side and its going up my side down to the bottom of my side round my back. Help whats wrong?


ann - December 9

hi! everyone i m 6 & 1/2 weeks pergnant and i was been told that i have a cyst in my left ovary n it just constantly hurts and the strange thing is that my ob-gyn has not even mentioned once the presence of the cyst but the nurse who did my sonogram mentioned it couple times saying i wonder if thats causing the pain i m so confued i dont know wat to do plz any help......... suggestions thanks in advance


Louise - December 10

Well if you seem to notice people are more likely to get the pain on the left side and thats what your getting. I am getting it too and they havent said anymore about my cysts. Is yours like a st_tch feeling, like somethings jagging into your side? Thats what i get and its annoying. Does yours come and go? I think youll be fine, if theres no blood or anything strange then your pregnancy is going fine your just getting some horrible stretchy pains.


Christine - December 10

If you have a cyst on your ovary that is less than 5 cm they probably wont do anything about it...unless it is causing you a lot of pain...under 5 cm is considered normal...lots of woman get them..and they say at that size it actually is good because it helps support the dont worry...if you continue to worry call and ask your doc about it...thats the best thing you can do...I work for the I could go on the computer and print out my sono reports...thats how I found out about my cyst...I called the nurse at my docs office and she told me that it was a little bigger than normal but not to worry about it....which mine kept growing...and caused a lot of pain so I had to have it removed...god am I glad that is all over with...just talk to your doc...she would have it on the report from your sonogram and she should be willing to share the info with you...good luck


Gisela - December 14

I went to the doctor today and found out I am pregnant. He does not know how far alone I am but, thinks about 4-5 weeks. He did a v____al ultrasound and found a cyst on my ovary. He is concerned that the cyst maybe causing my body to think it is pregnant when it is not. But, he said my uterine lining is thickening. Would the uterine lining get thicker if it was a false pregnacy? Anything anyone can help, and tell me about cysts, and how common is it to cause a false pregnancy, would be greatly appricated.. Thank you, you can also email me at: [email protected]


Christine - December 14

Gisela...I have never heard of a cyst tricking your body into believing it is pregnant..I do know that cyst's can cause you to skip cycles...did the doc see a sac or anything? Usually at 4-5 weeks they can...if your uterus wall is thickening...I dont see how a cyst would cause this...but I dont know nearly all there is to know about them...My guess would be you are pregnant..lots of woman get cysts with pregnancy...and without...sorry I couldnt help you more...good luck and keep us informed


Gloria - December 28

I just had my first appointment and the nurse pract_tioner told me I had a cysts in my left ovary...I am 6 weeks pregnant. She said it was bigger than normal but that I shouldn't worry about it because it is very common during pregnancy. In reading all your comments I have gained a better insight to cysts and at the same time I have a lot of questions I need to ask my Doctor. I have a follow up appointment in two weeks. The nurse wants to monitor the cyst very closely. Good luck to all of you.



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