Pregnancy Confirmed Now I Dont Feel Pregnant

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want2bamum - May 7

hi I have just recently had my pregnancy confirmed. It was actually strange. I took about 6 dip tests all came up a light but obvious positive. I have previously been for a urine test and they said it was negative. So i took along my HPT's and showed the doctor and he agreed and said i was pregnant and has scheduled me for my first scan??? im so confused now as to whether i truly am or not. i have a few symptoms, sore br___ts enlarged blue veins, fatigued like nobodys business and certain food make me feel sick. but ive not had morning sickness. and ive also had for the last two months a short light cramp free period (2-3 days and normally 5-7 very heavy, clots, extreme cramps). ive never had a baby before so im not sure what im meant to be experienceing other than the obvious "ARE YOU PREGNANT" symptoms that are on every website. has anyone else felt this way and has turned out to be pregnant. please let me know.


lilmum - May 7

unfortunately, i haven't.. but lots of women go through pregnancy without morning sickness.. actually around 50%. You are so lucky. But on that note, it doesn't tend to set in until around the 6th week for most, so you may not have reached it yet.(i'm not sure how far along you are though). As for the periods, i dont know what to tell you. If you took pregnancies tests then and they came out negative, you probably werent pregnant. Have you gone off the pill or depo shot in the last three or four months?? This can change your cycles for a few months. A congradulations is definately in order though, and enjoy your baby (and pregnancy, it may not be easy, but it's such a great experience most of us don't appretiate until AFTER the baby is born)


Adrienne - May 7

I went throught and occasionally go throught "feeling like I am not pregnant" But around the 5 week my morning sickness kicked in like nobody's business. Whew. Anything food related makes me green. I too get the funny cramps, it seems to be the growing of the uterus and the stretching and pulling of the ligaments. In other words things are growing, even this early in the game. Congrats and enjoys. Do a lot of reading.


want2bamum - May 7

hi ladies i also meant to post in the above that my doctor thinks im about 11 weeks!!?? has anyone ever felt "not pregnant" at this stage


pa__sion - May 9

i think i am but i have now takin a test yet??by the way wat do u feel in your stomach??? cuz i dont feel any thing?just askin in case one of these days i feel sum thin


Mari - May 10

I FELT THE SAME WAY!! I even felt as if I were in DENIAL because I had NO real life pregnancy symptoms but then AGAIN I didn't know what to "be feeling" , I also had the light period thing (when I too have HEAVY flows). Now it's been CONFIRMED that I'am 3 1/2 months with my first child! The only symptoms I noticed "clearly" (before undoubting confirmation) was the change in my b___sts (but I figured it was part of my ever changing weight gain/loss phases (which I had before pregnancy). I too struggled to believe the "faint lines" on my HP tests, but I finally got the courage to go to the doctors where I had an ultra sound- heart the heart beat and see my little tiny fetus moving around in my tummy. Now it's all TOO real to me and theres NO room for denial just nervousness mixed with excitment!! :)


euka - May 11

well I saw an 8 week ultrasound, heard the heart beat, and until i felt the first movenments, i still kept wondering if one dr's visit, they'd tell me 'oh, oops.. you're just getting fat" I guess it's severe denial, cause i had some morning sickness and EXTREME fatigue, I thought i had the flu. Just cant wrap my head around the fact that i'm gonna be a mommy. *btw, i also had what felt like severe mentrual cramps,for most of the 2nd month, and they have returned now that i'm 18 weeks i was sure I was going to start my period, and later I was afraid i was having a misscarriage, but I never had any bleeding


Lisa - May 16

Understand what you are going through. I had no idea I was pregnant until the doctor told me. I have been tied but I was also sick for two weeks (hence, why I went to the doctors in the first place). I am about 4-6 weeks (not sure yet) and my b___sts are very tender but not constantly, I have light cramps in my lower ab area but no morning sickness, nothing major so I think it can be normal. Just look forward to when you can see the ultra sound and I am sure that will make it more real. I also looked on line and found a site that shows pictures of your belly and the fetus at each month and it made it more real for me to see tha he/she is already taking shape! Enjoy this time in your life.



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