Pregnancy Nose

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JMux - July 14

Does anyone have suggestions how to handle serious pregnancy nose? I share an office with two women, and they like to use lotion constantly. This wouldn't be a problem except the slightest scents make me totally nauseous. They've tried bringing different lotions, but they all have the same effect. Of course, non-scented lotions don't cause me any issues, but they only like Bath & Body Works. The company I work for isn't exactly supportive of my pregnancy so I'm not expecting any help from them. They might tell them to stop using the lotions, but I would pay for it down the road, in an "un-related" manner. Every aspect of my work has started being scrutinized ever since my boss found out about my pregnancy (hard to hide when I had to explain why I'm asking co-workers to tone down some smells.) I'm looking for any suggestions on smell diffusers or any thoughts anyone may have. Thank you!


FinallyPreggers - July 14

JMux, would an air purifier help? I got one for really cheap at Walmart 10 years ago when my officemate started smoking. I didn't want to start a fight, so I told her it was because my allergies were bad. It worked really well! I'm not sure it would help with body lotion, but it might be worth a try.


FlyBear - July 15

Or, they seem like they are willing to work with you a little, I mean, you said they had tried bringing different scents, so maybe you could try to suffer at trip to Bath and Body works to see if there are a couple scents that don't bother you and give them to them as a present for all of you! If you can find a scent or two that doesn't bother you, for $20, everyone can be a winner!


mcbee - July 15

Surely Bath & Body Works has some lotions that don't have that strong of scents. I think you should follow FlyBear's suggestion and brave a trip there. How far along are you? By about 9 weeks, I was past the point of smells getting to me. So, hopefully, there is an end in sight.


JMux - July 15

I tried bringing a couple of Bath & Body Works lotions with milder scents. They used them a couple times and then went back to their others. I'm almost 10 weeks along, and it seems like I'm getting more sensitive as I go. I hope it tones down when I get into my 2nd trimester.


FlyBear - July 18

JMux, I feel your pain, I just posted about my work smell issues. I work at a school that caters largely to international students, many from a country where it is not common to wear deodorant and sometimes I have to literally hold my breath when they come to my office. It's frustrating and it's not something I can really say anything about because it's a cultural difference and I think it would be tremendously rude, but as my pregnancy nose gets worse, the mood their B.O. puts me in, gets worse.



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