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lydia - October 31

How soon can you take a pragnancy test.Becasue hard that you could take the first reponse test five days before a miss period. Is this true or do some people have to wait a little longer for a positive result.


Vivi - October 31

I can only tell you my experience. I am TTC for a 1st baby for 4 months - I am 5 days and the test came up with a very faint line - I did buy the early pregnancy test but it came out negative, which was very upsetting. I know this is very hard to do, but wait if you can. if you are pregnant you will know sooner or later. Funny I say that because I am the type that cannot wait! :)


lydia - October 31

what is ttc


Clare - October 31

Hi, I took the early response test three days before my missed period and it came out positive. Everyone's HCG levels are different, though, and it might take a little longer for a positive result. Also, take the test first thing in the morning when you wake up.


lydia - October 31

Thanks you guys for the information but whats the diffierent between morning unrine.


to Lydia - October 31

ttc - trying to conceive ;)


E - October 31

The HcG in your mornining urine is more concentrate if you have not urinated for several hours. Food and liquids will dilute the HcG in your urine and make it harder to get an accurate result. This is why it is best to do a pregnancy test in the morning.


lydia - October 31

thank you E


stephanie - November 3

how long do you acturally have to wait for a positive result when you take a pragnancy. How lite is to lite because I see two line but one I can barley see. Can someone please respond.


eyebeeablessing2u - November 3

I tool the first response test 4 days b4 my expected period and got a faint positive test... in the afternoon about 130... I took the second one the next morning and got a faint quick positive....


stephanie - November 3

How long did you fait line show up. And when it did could you see it real good or you could barley see it.


stephanie - November 3

I mean how fast did your faint line show up. Was it within ten minute



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