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jenn W - October 23

Hello ladies, I know there isn't a sure fire way to get pregnant or all of us would have gotten pregnant on the first try! I've been trying for 11 months with no luck and go to my doctor next month to discuss fertility issues. I'm ovulating over the next week and thought my husband and I should give it one last college try! If anyone has something that worked for them, can you let me know? I'm willing to try anything!!!!! Thanks! Jen


ma1008 - October 23

Hi jenn, its hard to say cause for a lot of us it happened when we weren't trying. i think sometimes the stress of "tying" makes it harders, but maybe you can try doing something relaxing before BD and that might help, also elevate your hips after. Good Luck and Baby Dust to you.


jenn W - October 23

Thanks! Maybe I'll see if my hubby wants to go for a bike ride before dinner or something relaxing like that. It's kind of hard not to "try" once you've decided you want kids, don't you think? I haven't really been to focused on it, but when I know it's a good time to "try", I can't help thinking about it. I wish I could stop thinking about would make life easier!!! :)


Shiva - October 23

Try keeping you BBT and check with OPK. and another thing is if you have your 28days cycle then count back from your next expected period date to 12-16days back and try everyday on between those days. and have your husband to ejaculate when you are down with your legs up and he is up in between your legs (Sorry TMI) that worked for us this time and try at night don't wash whole night just sleep the same time and go pee when you wake up in the morning. I am now 6w2d. Baby Dust to You!!!


jenn W - October 23

Thanks Shiva....we'll try that. I'm pretty bad about getting up 30 minutes later and peeing and showering....I'll have to just lay there for the night! :) Thanks for the baby dust and congrats to you! This might be too personal, but I have trouble having an orgasim when I am on the bottom and I hear having on helps. Did anyone else find this to be a problem?


wv_red - October 23

I dont think it matters at all. Me and my hubby were on a mission trying to concieve. Lay with the pillow under the b___t to prop yourself up, the whole 9 yards. Trust me more then once I didnt get the big O and I am 9 wks now. It was like science cla__s all over again.


wv_red - October 23

oh make sure you "do it" at least every other day before you ov.


jennifer_33106 - October 23

I think the other girls covered it very well I just wanted to add, Dont forget to have fun. Baby making shouldnt be a chore or having BDing sessions planned to the tee. When we were ttc I was always so focused on having a baby that I forgot that we were sharing intimate moments. I am 22 weeks now and dont regret anything except for not taking the time to focus on us. Just thought Id throw that tip out there. :)


ErinP - October 23

Just have s_x as much as you can. I got pregnant right away both times, and all we did was have s_x every day for about 5 days around the time I was ovulating (luckily I can feel when I ovulate and it's always 2 wks into my cycle, so that made it easy). Sometimes more than once a day :)


jenn W - October 23

Thanks ladies! All this info. is a huge help. This IS like science cla__s all over again. We are trying to have fun and not think about it, but ultimately, we are TTC, so it's always in the back of our minds. I am having the toughest time trying to figure out when I ovulate. My periods have been irregular so I am having no luck! AF started on October 6 and ended around the 12th, so I'm pretty sure I ovulate this week. We've been having s_x every other day, but think we'll up it to every day this week. And then every other day until Nov. 6. I think I ovulate really late because we tend to give up towards the end of the month...mainly from exhaustion!!!! lol So, let's hope that does the trick this month!!! Please keep your fingers crossed for us! :) Thanks again for your comments!


jenn W - October 23 long did you guys try? It sounds like you tried every trick in the book! lol


krissy2006 - October 23

The tricks I believe worked for me were, I exercised like a fiend causing serious circulation to my ovaries and uterus. I also made sure I ate more or less healthily. Also, while I was ttc I tried consciously not to "try" so darn hard to try and concentrate on other things in life. One last thing that may or may not have worked. My hubby wears tighty whiteys and while I cant convince him to change to boxers I made him sleep naked so that his boys got a breather. Hope this helps!


WinterRainFox - October 24

I ended up getting pregnant while on top and we washed almost immediately. It was even pa__sed my "window of opportunity" so to speak. A really strange fluke.


wv_red - October 24

Jenn we tried for a year, and then got some help and the first try off of that we concieved. And yes we did do every possible trick in the book. I have to agree with Jennifer, have fun with it. Ours was a mission pretty much mission impossible but it worked. Tip that I learned, do it every other day, gives him a chance to get the swimmers up to full force. lol.


krissy2006 - October 24

While BDing every other day is suggested, if your man doesn't have any problem with his little guys there is absolutely no reason you should/could not try every day (although that does get exhausting)... especially if you don't know exactly when you O. But if you do know when you O and your man is pretty normal in the sperm area, than it is optimum to bd every day the 4 days leading up to O, the day of O and the day after O... just in case.


Seredetia - October 24

This sounds silly, but my suggestion is not to try at all. ;) If you have no problems with ovulation and/or egg/sperm, etc., then the less your mind is on it, the more likely you will conceive. In fact, "they" say that if you are both healthy, you will usually conceive in 6-8 months without even trying. Just keep with it and don't forget to HAVE FUN..hehe.


jenn W - October 25

Thanks ladies! We are on month 11....We stopped using protection then and didn't really actively start trying (looking at cycles, etc.) until May. So, five months of "trying". I'm worried something might be wrong because it hasn't happened, but I just need to stay positive. I've really tried not to "try", but it's hard when every month you aren't pregnant. :) I go to the doctor on Nov. 19th for testing, so let's pray I get a BFP before then. ;) I think part of the problem is I ovluate later and we didn't know until recently. I'm just going to stay positive. I used a ovulation test this month and it had two dark lines yesterday.....let's hope last night and the next two nights result in a BFP!!!! Thanks for your support ladies. It means a lot to me. WV_Red...I think we may need some help too. It's nice to hear it worked for you. CONGRATS! I'm sure finally getting a positive was such a joy!!!



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