Pregnancy Worriness

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varughmi - January 12

Hi .. i am 6 week 4 days pregnant . I had miscarriage last year at 7w 5 days.. i am so nervous.. i have an appointment next mon at 7 week.. will i be able to hear the heart beat? i am nervous coz i am going thru the same phase when last time i had miscarriage


MamiAgain - January 12

I think the earliest a hearbeat can be heard is 8 wks, but I could be wrong. You can definitely see the heart beating though with an ultrasound at 7 weeks. Everything will go great! ~Hugs~ ***Sticky Dust***


kimberly - January 12

I believe it is more like 10 weeks when you hear the hb, but with a v____al ultrasound they can see it flicker on the screen now, but you can't hear it yet. If you are so nervous ask them to do one. Good luck! Congratulations!!!


ginger6363 - January 12

did you see th e heartbeat before your first m/s?


zinger43 - January 12

I actually got to hear the hb via v____al u/s right at 7 weeks! They weren't able to get a rate measued but we definitly heard it. I also just heard it yesterday via doppler at my 10 week while I would warn you not to get your hopes up because it may be early...there is a hope that you very well may get to hear it!!!


ROBYN - January 12

I am just 9 weeks yesterday we saw the heartbeat at 6 wks but we havent heard the heartbeat yet its still a little early. I go back again next week. Good luck to you


varughmi - January 12

Thanks for your info.. last time before hubby saw the heartbeat at 7 week when we visited doc. today another worriness.. could see spotting after s_x.. is it normal.... i am cursing myself why did i go for it .i have an appointment after 4 days... lets see what happens


kristina1980 - January 12

I heard spotting after s_x could happen. I am not having too much s_x, because it just doesn't feel comfortable now. Doc. said however, s_x is ok BUT she told me NO Oral s_x, because of cold sores, bacterias, etc. weird.


DownbutnotOUT - January 12

Varughmi i had a missed m/c in may 2006 and actualy astained as much as i could from s_x for the 1st trimester and rarely had it. i know a few women did that as well but i do know spotting after s_x is normal because the cervix gets irritated and thats where the blood is comming from.



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