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Melissa Watkins - July 22

I was supposed to start my period around the 5th of July (have not started yet) On the 8th I had a slight brownish discharge that lasted about 10 minutes, which I found odd. The night before I had a sudden occurrence of headache, nausea, back ache, run down feeling. The morning after (morning of discharge) I was still having some nausea and could not eat anything until that afternoon. Since then I have been feeling very run down, even on the days that I did not do PT. My br___t are getting bigger and a lot more sensitive. Also last week there was a pain in my abdomen that hurt very badly. Not like menstral cramps, more like a stabbing/stinging pain in one spot. I had to put a heating pad on it and that helped a little. That lasted for a night and went away. I went to the GNC store and bought some b-12 pills, thinking that may help the run down feeling, but it did not. Last week I went in and had a urine test and a blood test and they were both negative. Right now I am 2 weeks late. I haven’t been stressed., well, more than usual anyway. Last time I was pregnant, I had a miscarriage and they said that I was about 1 ½ months pregnant, according to the quant tests. That was in March. Also, ive notice in the past week that I have gained a few pounds and my tummy has gotten a little bigger, but I am thinking that may be from bloating or from the weight gain. Today I noticed that I have a metallic taste in my mouth that I cannot get rid of. I’m not sure what that is all about.


mom of 3 - July 22

You sound like the perfect example of a pregnant woman to me. I had about 6 negative urine tests with my first child before the doctor finally got a positive on a blood test. I was 8 weeks. Which is about two weeks later than you are now. You may be surprised. Sometimes you know better than the doctors. They can only rely on technology. I would start taking a prenatal vitamin, and do everything else as if you ARE pregnant. This includes not taking any extra vitamin suppliments not recommended by your doctor until you are sure. Good luck! I hope it all works out!



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