Pregnant After Miscarriage

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marie - July 8

I got pregnant in Oct 03 with NO pregnancy symptoms whatsoever. In Nov, I miscarried naturally at about 7 weeks (after hearing the heartbeat). I conceived again and am now in my 9th week. This time round, I have almost all the pregnancy symptoms (extreme fatigue, heartburn, all-day nausea and vomiting). After taking the first two hpts on the 1st/3rd days of my missed period (both were light pink), I took one more today which was also light pink. My question is, should the line not have been very dark now that I am in my 9th week? My symptoms are still very strong - do they mean that the pregnancy is fine or do I have cause for concern? I will be going in for my U/S sometime next week. Meanwhile, any info on this would be appreciated.


cgvalle - May 18

If you weren't pregnant then only one line would show up and not two one your hpt. You definately have hcg levels in your system and you can only have those if you are pregnant. Good luck....I too had a miscarriage and am pregnant again so I understand your fears.


Shelly - May 26

Sounds pretty normal. With your history you should keep in close touch with your doctor. You should be able to have all your questions answered quickly with just a phone call to the doctor's office. They should be available on the phone to answer questions like this. If the office staff can't answer your questions, the doctor should be able to get back to you within 24 hours. If they don't think your questions are important, I'd look for a more supportive doctor. You should never have to go without your questions being answered. Don't be afraid to ask. Remember, the doctor works for you.


Stacey - June 27

I'm definitely not a doctor, but I remember ready somewhere that your hcg levels rise rapidly for a period of time at the begininng, but then level off. So, when you take a hpt at 9 weeks, I would think that the color of the line wouldn't be dark. Do a search on google about hcg levels.


bbertsinger - July 8

How did everthing turn out? I undrestand what you're going through. Keep us updated on your progress and Godd Luck.



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