Pregnant After Missed Misscarriage Worried

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lea1 - October 4

hi guys, im not sure if any of u guys will remember me but basically ive been using this forum for about a year now on n off. in june this year i went for my 12 week scan to find the baby had no heartbeat and then the next day i had a boyfriend n i forgot totally about tryin to concieve and just got on with it, then on tuesday i realised i was a week late and did 2 test both turned an instant possitive, i went straight to the drs to c the nurse and said im nott sure if i can wait till the 12 week scan again to find out the bad things happened....i was badgerin her for an earlier scan i dunno if they will do one or not as ive only had 1 misscarriage, i guess what i am askin is is for reassurance as im trying to be happy n keep both feet firmly on the ground only im findin it so difficult, i was adament i wouldnt come on this site again as i thought id jinxed myself....what are the chances of it happening again? does n e one know...i already have twin girls who will be 5 soon so i know im fortunate, just veryu very scared.


sarah21 - October 4

I looked this up and found that more than 90% of women who miscarry once will go on to have successful pregnancies. The chances really drop after you see the heartbeat at a 6 week appointment. So try not to worry. Just take it one day at a time. Worrying and stressing is not going to help your baby. Try to be calm about it and take things as they come. Good luck to you!


lea1 - October 4

hey huni, thanks for that, its possitive, fingers crossed it wont happen n all will be well. are u in the uk? im not sure if we have a 6 week check up over here. when i was pg with my girls i had a scan at 4 weeks initially as i was young n not sure whether i was doing the right thing or not, however the nurse told me tuesday there is no point having a scan now (im 5 weeks) as they wont c n e thing n e way, im thinking thats not entirely right as when i found out i was havin twins i was 4 weeks . do u think they will keep a closer eye on me?


stacyr1980 - October 8

Hi Lea, I am in the same situation as you. I had a missed miscarriage 4 1/2 yrs ago at 8 wks and I didn't find out about it until a u/s at 12 wks. I am now in my 10th week. I went to the doctor last week for my first prenatal appt. and I had planned out how I was going to beg them to let me have an early u/s. They ended up offering to give me one the same day before I said anything and I got to see the baby. I was so scared that it wouldn't be moving or have a heartbeat like last time, but it was kicking all over the place and had a heartbeat of 186 beats per minute. My doctor says that the chances of having another missed m/c are about the same as someone who has never had one and that after 10 weeks the risk of any m/c drops off significantly. She says the fact that I have also had a live birth decreases my odds. I know it's hard for you but just hang in there and take it one day at a time. I pray to God every day that I will get to keep this gift he has given me. Good Luck! Stacy


cynnababy - October 8

Lea, it's very normal to be scare after you had a m/c. I had 2 miscarriages in nine months (one in July 2006 and another one in April 2007), and I am now 16 weeks pg. It's scary to be pregnant again, but trust yourself and your body. The chances of you having another m/c is the same as if you never had one before. Having an early u/s will help you ease your mind earlier, but God forbidden, if something is to go wrong with this pg, there's nothing you or the doc can do. So, for now, just relax, and enjoy!!


sahmof3 - October 9

Lea... my first pregnancy was a missed miscarriage. I had seen the heartbeat by u/s at 6 weeks, but at 10 weeks they couldn't find the heartbeat and sent me for an u/s and found that the baby had died at 7 weeks... so I retained the baby for 3 weeks after (s)he died and had to have a D&C! I was crushed! But, my next three pregnancies resulted in healthy babies! Since you already have been able to carry a pregnancy to term, that's really rea__suring :-) Good luck!


lea1 - October 9

hey guys, thanks u for ur kind words of reasurance., im feelin so emotional from reading them im shedding a lil tear. im 6 weeks this week, everytime i have some quiet time to myself i can feel myself getting excited, then i have to stop myself. still not heard from the nurse i hope she hurries up and contacts me soon. im so impatient! thanks again guys... x


HeavenisMine - October 10

I had a missed miscarriage in January, and found myself pregnant again in march, like you it was my twelve week scan that revealed our baby had died. I am now 34weeks2days with a little girl, and all is well. It's a small chance, just take care of yourself! I am sure you'll be alright :)


Mel Page - October 11

Hi Lea, I also had a m/c in April this yr and two months down the line found out I was pg again, I'm now 19w3d along also with a little girl (gonna call her Meegan). And everything is fine. I agree with the rest of the girls. You need to relax now and take it easy, that's the best thing you can do for your littleone!!! Good luck and God Bless you and that little beany of yours!!! Love Melony


GimmeaBub - October 11

Heya lea I had a miscarriage back 5 months ago, I just found out I am pregnant again (5 weeks) and I am scared too, everytime i feel a twinge or an ache or anything i panic! I remember crying when i got wind pains, It's normal to feel this way. I am still waiting for blood test results back, cause when they tested me on Monday I was just under 25ul, so they wanna retest me to make sure my Hcg levels have gone up. Talk about stress lol! But i have been doing little things to try and comfort myself, i been doing Hpt's everyday to make sure they are getting darker so far so good, so to me thats something, but I will feel much better when i get my blood results Back. Baby Juice


lea1 - October 12

its rubbish this waiting game, the nurse/dr hasnt even checked my blood to see if its rising, i never thought to keep doing hpt's didnt think it would say n e thing, plus cant afford to keep buying them! i think im 5 weeks not 6 lol think i miscounted,...gimmeabub...what is ur edd?


lea1 - October 16

heyy, yer mines the 10th june. dizzyness its terrible huh, yeaterday i spent the whole day in bed being sick, thought it was the sickness part but turns out i have had a flu bug thats made me sick, there is no need for it! hope u r feeling better x


Sally123 - October 16

I totaly understand. I had a miscarriage a few months ago myself, and am now pregnant again. I can't believe the medical staff at your doctors office wouldn't give you a scan just as soon as they could detect anything though! I actually didn't get any tests done my first time until it was too late, but as soon as I got a positive test the next go round, they quickly gave me an HCG test, and then I have had two u/s since (I'm 7 weeks) just to make sure everything is ok. I would either talk directly to your doctor, or change pract_tioners. The good news is though, you're probably fine. I think I saw another poster say that 90 percent of pregnancies after miscarriage are fine. I hope we are both in that 90 percent! Keep me posted on how things are going!



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