Pregnant Again After A Loss

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Tara S - May 9

Hi I am pregnant again , got a bfp yesterday. This is my fifth pregnancy. I have two healthy children and two losses. Both my losses were in 2005 June I was 12 weeks and miscarried and then got pregnant again right away and the second was a baby with Turners Syndrome. I delivered her at 18 weeks 5 days on November 26. I am so happy, but so scared of losing another. Anyone else pregnant after loss or losses?


kc - May 9

Hi Tara, I was around a bit on the pregnancy loss forum...I m/c in Feb, my first pregnancy. I had one AF and am pg again too...will be 6 weeks tomorrow. I can't help being nervous and obsessing over my symptoms (or lack of). I do have very sore bbs, but right now that's the only "tangible" thing. I do feel more tired and things, but that can also just be attributed to outside factors. Anyway, I'm trying to just think positively! On Friday I will pa__s the point of where my last one ended...that will be a big milestone for me!


frankschick2001 - May 9

Had m/c in October 2005. Waited two cycles then started trying again in January/February. Right now I am 7 weeks, 2 days pregnant. I am scared to death. But one thing that is different, is that this time around my progesterone is a lot higher which is such a relief, hormones are much higher too. Also, this time I am suffering with morning sickness and am feeling guilty that I feel so miserable. I want to be happy right now, but the dizzyness and this m/s feeling is keeping happiness away. I have not been able to clean, cook, at work, I pretty much just sit here waiting to go home, I've been neglecting my poor dog too!


frankschick2001 - May 9

Oh yea, at exactly 6 weeks, I had my first u/s and got the heartbeat, so that was a relief too (somewhat). I say somewhat, because last time, we got a heartbeat, and the baby died shortly thereafter, so even getting the h/b is no guarantee.


Jen01 - May 9

Hi Tara, I joined the m/c forum around the time of your 2nd m/c. I m/c in Sept at only 7 weeks. I'm now 13 weeks 6days. I still have fears every day. I hope this works out for you this time. I think you deserve it.


leasa - May 9

hi tara s so sorry for your losses. congrats on your BFP though. i recently found out i was pregnant again following my miscarriage back in February. i am currently 5 weeks and 1 day. Hi KC i have the same symptoms as you, just sore bbs and a bit tired.. i feel excited but also very anxious, i think when you have m/c previously, its completely natural to feel like like we do but we are not alone... i will be 6 weeks on monday which is the point where my last one ended although it was not picked up until i had a scan at 10 weeks. i had a missed miscarriage although my bbs had continued to hurt the whole time but that was my only symptom hense why i am a___lysing every symptom this time. I am stil contemplating whether to push for a scan next week but my doctor says to wait as long as i can but I will constanty worry.. frankschick you answered my question really. my doc said i could see a hb at 6 weeks and could still lose it so really dont know what to do for the best. am just scared of getting to the first scan at 11 weeks and the same happening again. heres to sticky healthy beans girls..


bear - May 10

Hi, yes I've had my fair share. My first pregnancy I miscarried at 14 weeks with a blighted ovum. Got pregnant the next month & our first daughter died at birth of meconium aspiration (a doctors error). Unable to conceive due to the grief & ended up on IVF. $45,000, several miscarriages & 5 years later we had beautiful twin girls. Our son followed 18 months later. Had 3 more miscarriages & today I found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant & I'm NOT looking forward to pregnancy. I just wish I could go to sleep & wake up in 8 months time! I'm so scared of what might happen this time.


Tara S - May 10

Hi ladies Im so sorry for your losses. I went in for a blood test again today, they are monitoring my Hcg levels. I think if I can make it to ten weeks Ill get a heart rate monitor. I listened to my daughter Treya's heartbeat from 10 weeks until she pa__sed at 18 weeks 5 days. I have to say it was wonderful to bond with her even though I knew she could not survive to term with her condition. kc, I have sore b___sts, but they really come and go. Im only 4 weeks so not a lot of symptoms for me yet. frankchick2001, seeing a heartbeat is good, I know theres no guarantee, but seeing the heart beating puts you in a lesser % of miscarrying. leasa, I too am so excited, but yet so anxious.Im scared to even find out the results from my blood tests.It was a fetal maternal screening that picked up problems with my last pregnancy.bear, I am so sorry, its so hard when you lose a baby due to the doctors error. You sound like you have been through so much as well. If only we could wake up in 8 months. I hate the fact that this is my 3 rd time in 1 year being through the first trimester. I was so sick with my miscarriage and my daughter Treya.I find it almost unbelievable that I am pregnant again. I sure hope we all have healthy babies this time around we all really do deserve it!


Jennifer28 - May 10

Congratuations Tara!! And congrats to the rest of you ladies! I am 10w3d pg after a m/c in Dec. '05. Had 1 af in between and unexpectedly ended up pg in March. I'm very excited, but also very nervous. I think we all have earned the right to be both. Like I have heard/read a thousand times, we all have lost the innocence of pregnancy. Well, good luck to all of you girls!! STICKY STICKY BABY DUST. :)


charliepaulchloe - May 13

hi all, i have a daughter who is nearly 7and i too had a m/c in dec05 at 6 wks i concieved again straight away and i am now nearly 18 wks. i have had all the nightmares about it happening again even now i worry that something is going to go wrong but i also know this one is gonna be just fine it's a very active baby and likes nothing more than waking up just when im going to sleep!! i think the thing to do is be positive we can't always help what happens but theres nothing wrong with positive thinking, i know its hard but the happier we are the happier our growing baby is. got scan nxt month to find out s_x cant wait!!!!! good luck all x x x


nursej - May 14

hi ladies, i too had m/c last year first back in oct then again in dec. i am 24y/o now and i am 4 weeks preg again. i am now taking progesterone( prochieve 4% gel) to correct my low progesterone levels. but i was devatsed with my 2 m/c last year especially b/c i am so young.


kksme - May 14

tara s I have been pregnant 5 times all together. I have 3 healty children ages 15, 12, and 8 but in the last 2 years have miscarried 2 times. I am pregnant now and due jan of 06 and i am scared to death as well


TAN - May 24

hi i had mc in feb im now preg again at 10 w i know its really hard not to worry but just take things a day at a time, just because of whats happened to you previously dont let it ruin the happiness of this magical experience


terrie - May 28

Mind if I join? My name is Terrie and I've been in the m/c forums along w/ kc and leasa. Hi girls. I've been married 2 yrs in July and I'm 27. My dh already has a 6 yr old son. I have no children. I'm 5 weeks pg, due Jan. 25, and already feeling really fat. I was planning on losing some wait this summer, but happily got pg. I'm sorry to hear about all your losses. I too have had my share. Last June I had a D/c for a blighted ovum, conceived again about 2 months after, but lost it at 4 weeks. I tried until Dec 05 to get pgon my own, then turned to clomid, At the 5th round, I got pg. At first I was scared my af would come like w/ my 2nd loss. Now I'm scared of seeing anempty sac like I did last May. I have to take things day by day and stay poitive. These threads really help. Its nice to have a place to turn and woman who understand exactly what you're going trough. Frankschick, congrats on the hb. Thats one step further. I know its hard to not get scared, but your chances of m/c do drop significantly. And the fact that you saw it so early is an even better sign of a strong baby. Don't you think? Bear, its just awful what you've been through. It was hard enough for me to lose my babies early on, I cannot even imagine what it must have been for you. I'm sorry for your loss, Bear. I'm hoping for more pg symptoms into to confirm my pg before my u/s. All I have at this time is sore bb which come and go. They are not too rea__suring. Before I discovered I had a blighted ovum last yr, I had sore bb, major hunger (starving like I hadn't eaten for days even though I wouldn't skip a meal), and constantly going to the loo (even several times a night which is rare for someone who never gets up to go) I guess I haven't felt any real symptoms b/c I'm too early. I can't wait to get some. Even if its m/s I welcome it b/c it will reaffirm that I'm pg. I know it must sound crazy. Those of you who are experiencing it are thinking I don't know what I'm taking about. No I don't, but just a couple of time would be ok, just so I would know my baby's there. You know? Sorry for going on and on...


Tara M - May 29

Hi there Tara S i am actually 2months pregnant and i lost my little angel baby boy in aug 2005 i was 7months pregnant and i lost him due to placenta arubptio i had to deliver him as well he was 3pounds 2ounces and it was DEVASTING and now that i am pregnant i am so scared but they will be keeping a closer eye on me this time and i know my angel "brody" is now watching over mommy,daddy and his little sister or brother that is the only thing that will get me through this whole situation.. good lock and my prayers are with you and god bless you all.............



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