Pregnant Again After Losses And Worried

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Tracy - September 12

I am having some issues and am not sure if it is just because I am paranoid or if I really should worry. I have had two m/cs, one in March and one in June and am pregnant again, no children yet. I went in for an early ultrasound to check on everything and because I was having very light bleeding. I thought I was 7 weeks, but when they did the u/s they said I was only measuring 5 weeks 6 days. They said this was okay and it does happen, and we saw the little heartbeat. I now continue to worry about every little thing. I now am 7 weeks 3 days and I weighed myself today and have only put on 2 pounds, if that. With the first pregnancy, I put on about 5 pounds in the first 8 weeks, but none after that. I just am not sure if I really should be concerned, or if I am just making issues for myself because of my past history. Any advice or similar stories would be great. I feel truly blessed for being given the opportunity to be pregnant again, but I just don't think I can handle another loss! Good luck to everyone.


g - September 12

Well as everyone keeps telling me, all pregnancies are different. So the weight issue just keep eating and drinking what your supose to. I am so sorry for your losses. I went through a miscarriage in '98(I bled alot but was also given motrin which i found out is bad for the fetus)) and my next pregnancy(9 months later) i was a nervous reck. I was lucky and had gave birth to a lil girl. I am now 10 weeks and almost lost this one at 6 weeks and bled until 9 weeks. And now i have a couple of infections.(oh i was 175 at 6 weeks and lost a pound and still havent gained with this one and with my daughter the entire preg i gained 50 pounds!)So yes its natural to to be over worried. But really for me being over worried is just being how i feel.Theres nothing wrong with that. Did you talk to your DR of your concerns? Do you know why you had 2 m/cs? Theres blood tests they can do to try to eliminate why like rh factors and did they put you on any bed rest? How often do you see your DR ? I know its hard and i don't know how you feel about God but my boyfriend keeps saying have faith and i have been praying everyday and so far so good. But people have told me no matter what keep thinking positive and try not to worry about losing the baby because thats all you will think about and might.(of course its still in my head to) So i'm praying for you.


Lupe - September 16

I'm sorry for your losses. I've also had two m/c, so I can relate to being nervous about your current pregnancy. I'm nearly 12wks and have gained 3lbs. My doctor has me on progesterone v____al suppositories because my levels were fairly low. I've had two ultrasounds, and things look good so far. I wish you a healthy pregnancy.


Jolie - September 17

Every pregnancy IS different... Trust me... I am pregnant with 1 live birth. I lost three then had my son. They say you really are not supposed to gain any weight in the first few months so don't worry about weight gain! Relax!!! Don't get yourself worked up and worrying until there is something to really worry about. I know that's hard and very easy to say (look who's saying it..) but it's true. With my history, no one thought I would be pregnant again (my last was ectopic which ended very nastily) and here I am 14 weeks today! Keep the faith and it'll be ok!!



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