Pregnant Again Already My Son Is 7 Months Old

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Honey_Canada - April 5

My son was born at the begining of September 2005. I just found out that I am pregnant again, already. It was completely un-planned. I was on the pill and I took it everyday between 10:30 and 11:00pm. Of course I am going to keep the baby, that is not my question. My question is for anyone who knows the Canadian Maternity Leave details. I am scheduled to go back to work on September 4th, 2005. I find out tomorrow when I am due, at an ultrasound, I have no idea. (I never got a period between my son and this one because I was nursing him). I work in a hospital and my job is constant heavy lifting. I was put on short term dissability 2.5 months before I was due with my son because I fainted at work. I am worried that if I go back to work, I will have to deal with the headache of dissability again. I know that I can get a LOA (leave of absence) from work no problem. My question is what happens for me financially when my present maternity leave ends, and I am about to have another baby? Am I ent_tled to maternity leave again right after? If not, what do I do? My boyfriend doesn't make enough money to support me and two small kids all on his own. Please if you have any answers, please respond asap


iakram - April 6

Hi Honey Canada - I live in Toronto I not sure how much of a help I can be. But I do know that in order to qualify for Mat Leave there are a certain number of hours we have to work - around 600 I believe. But your story is a bit different since you're pregnant again - I think with the 2nd preg in order to qualifty for mat leave you'd have to work the required hours with preg # 2 - But take a look at the website below - it's a link to the Gov't of Cananda or I would suggest you call your nearest HRDC they should have that info available to you. Hope this helps I totally understand your situation and Good Luck :) Oh and take out any dashes in the link below if that doesn't work just google Maternity Leave and it's the first hit.


stacie23 - April 6

hi I'm from hamitlon area..I think you have to work "full time" so 40 hrs.. for 6 months. that was my least.. so you might have to go back to work a few months early to qualitfy again..hope that helps! and congrats!! your kids will be great friends since they'll be so close in age!


Honey_Canada - April 7

Thanks ladies for your help. I went to the government of Canada website and I wrote them an email. It says that they will reply back within 5 business days. I went to the ultrasound today and found out that I am much farther along than I thought. I'm 13 weeks and 3 days today. I am due October 10th, meaning that my son will only be a year and 1 month older! Wow! Very close! lol I hope that I am not required to go back for 6 months though, I don't have 6 months left before I am due. I can't believe I didn't "know" sooner!


LG33 - April 16

Hi- I am from the states so I wont be much help about the maternity policy. However, I have a 4 month old and just found out I am expecting. We want as many children as we can but this was not planned either. I have been b___stfeeding my son and just thought the chances were so slim of actually being pregnant. My husband and I have been using protection here and there, but not consistently. HOw are you doing being pregnant and having such a little one? I have to admit I am a little scared. It'd be nice to get someone else's opinion who is going through this also. thanks- lindsay :)



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