Pregnant Again RIGHT After A M C

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YorkieLover - April 12

I got my BFP this morning about 4 weeks after my m/c. I have NO clue how far along I am now. Would my m/c bleeding count as a "period" and I should start from there, or how does it work? I'm assuming that I'm about 3 or 4 weeks, which would make me due sometime in Dec. Anyone else in the same situation?


KellyO - April 12

Call your doc and have them do an u/s and they can find out exactly how far along you are! Congrats!


lashes92 - April 12

Oh Congratulations!


Susan W - April 12

I conceived 3 weeks after a m/c and have a healthy but complicated pregnancy going on and am 11w5d. Right now, an u/s won't help as you won't see anything really that is helpful in dating. But your doctor can measure your HCG quants 48 hours apart, and those sort of fit in a general range. I would imagine you ovulated about 2 weeks after the m/c, so I would have an u/s done when you are about 8 weeks, which would be in 6 weeks. You get the best measurements then, but your doctor may want to do one here in a couple weeks. And are you sure it is a real postive? What I mean by that is did you have a negative hpt or a HCG under 5 before this positive? If you didn't, it's hard to tell without two quants. Congratuations!


YorkieLover - April 12

Thanks so much, everyone! I'm scared! It's so hard to get excited again, but I'm sure I'll come around with time. Susan W, last I check my HCG was under 2. And that was a week or more ago. So, I'm a__suming that this is a real positive.


kats - April 13

hi i had a miscarriage and a month later got a bfp, i read somewhere that you count the day you lose the blood clot as cycle day 1 which worked for me as on the 15th day i ovulated .


Susan W - April 13

Then it's real :) Congratuations! I was not excited until after I had to have an emergency u/s because I kept bleeding and we saw a healthy baby on the screen. Until then, I was rather negative about the whole thing. It was too scary to contemplate. The odds are with you though. More than 60% of m/c are fluke chromosomal issues that arise when the sperm and egg meet and there's a problem with the chromosomes lining up. Those never repeat. You are at no higher risk of m/c since you conceived again right away. I'm still concerned, but that's because I've developed some weird complications, but it's not related to the fact I had a m/c previously. Just try to not stress over it and worry over every little thing. But pregnancy will never be the easy, care-free time it used to be now.


YorkieLover - April 13

What kind of complications are you having, Susan? I am SO scared. I feel bad for saying this, but it's so hard to be happy. I feel so upset because I feel like I'll have problems again and it's just too soon. I am thankful, and I'm sure that my body was ready for it, but it's so hard. I hope it's normal to feel this way. My m/s is worse this time around and I just feel like crying. I don't want to stress too much though, because I most likely m/c b/c of stress last time. Also, I have this weird feeling in my stomach. Well, not really, but you know how after doing something active or doing sit ups you have sore stomach muscles? That's how I feel right now. I wonder what that is all about. any ideas?


Susan W - April 13

I have a large subchorionic hematoma. Part of the placenta has torn away from the uterine wall, and it bleeds, and that's what a subchorionic hematoma is. The whole mess -- placenta, hematoma, baby -- is also located right now right over my cervix :( My midwife sent me to a specialist Monday when she couldn't find the fetal heart tones. The baby is fine so far, but I bleed at random times and quite heavily. The concern is also whether or not the placenta will move, since I have a lot of damage to my uterus from delivering a very large baby #1. I have a lot of time in which it can move, so that might not be that big of a deal. The specialist and the midwife both think the hematoma will resolve, but these terrifying bleeding episodes sure get to you. I had a really bad one last night. . . .It is terribly hard to be happy about a pregnancy right after a m/c. I didn't think about it very much for fear of getting my hopes dashed, and I wondered every day (especially because I kept spotting) if this one was going to end. . . NOTHING you did or didn't do caused your m/c. Not stress, nothing. It's just a horrible accident. If your m/s is worse, it's because your hormones are going up, and that's a good sign (my midwife reminds me of that every time I complain). I recall that sore feeling, but I don't know what it is. Just try to take it one day at a time, and the first trimester will fly by. I can hardly believe that I'm 12 weeks tomorrow. Seems like I just found out.


YorkieLover - April 13

Oh my gosh, Susan W, that sounds incredibly scary. I am so proud of you for not freaking out. I know I would be. I'm glad that it's a healthy pregnancy even though it's complicated. Like they said, it could resolve on its own. I wish you the best. Congrats!! Almost on to 2nd tri! Today was an ok day for me. I'm SO ga__sy! It's embarra__sing but oh well haha. Any suggestions for a good bra? Now that I'm 3 inches bigger than what I used to be and I'm SO sore, I need a great bra. Not sure where to look though.


Susan W - April 14

I was terribly ga__sy with baby #2! It was horrible!! So embarra__sing, but it's just because the progesterone is slowing down your whole GI system. But better out than in, and I found that I burped so much I had to change prenatal vitamins or I tasted them all the time and threw up from that. Gross! . .. .A good bra .. . DO NOT buy a cheap one. I regret now buying some Target and Walmart ones because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on bras I wouldn't wear the whole pregnancy. They don't have enough support, and I'm sagging now :((( Looking back, I wish I had bought 2 good ones each time I needed new bras and not worried about the money. Bravado and Medela have some good ones, and they are often locally available in maternity shops. Some people like the ones from Motherhood, but I don't; they are worth a try for you though. Motherwear has some nice ones too, available via mail-order or net. I had to stop using anything with underwires or they hurt me. I currently have 2 Goddess brands ones, sold by a local ladies' shop, that are quite comfortable, but I don't care for the snap style that holds the nursing flap closed. It's hard to close one-handed. She measured me and everything. I would recommend that you go somewhere reliable, have them measure you and offer some recommendations. . . .Glad you are having an OK day. You'll have good days and bad days, and then hopefully once you see or hear the hb, they will be all good days. . . And this is so scary, but I learned from the m/c that I can't do anything about it, so it does me no good to curl up on the floor in fear all the time. I think we all come out of a m/c stronger than before.


YorkieLover - April 14

Thank you for all the choices you gave me. I'll make sure to take a look at each of them and see which bra is the best for me. How are you doing today, Susan W? I think I spoke too soon when I said I was having an OK day. That night, I came across some health channel show on babies and I burst out in tears. I think it just finally hit me last night just how upset I was over my m/c. I cried and cried. It didn't (and doesn't) help that my b/f is 3 states away. In a way, I feel very bitter because I feel like he's not feeling half as much pain as I am. Then I felt terrible for crying over my first pregnancy and not being too happy with my second one. I suppose this is all normal. I know I need healing time. On top of it all, trying to finish my 3rd year in school is overwhelming. I need a break! But we all feel that way sometime. Hope your Friday is going well.


Susan W - April 15

What you describe is really very typical. I remember being happy, and then something small would just bring it all back, and DH would wonder why I was crying. Heck, I was crying the other night! I would have hit 6 months this past week, today is the 3 month anniversary of my loss, and I have to teach a Sunday School lesson tomorrow on what my religion believes happens to children who die. It all can just pile up on us and we cry. It's healthy and normal. Apparently, it can take 6 months to 4 years to really totally process such a loss, so we are expecting too much to not be upset about it so soon. I felt very angry at times about conceiving right away. It was so soon, and I didn't think I was ready and it is so stressful that I didn't think I could handle it. And I was mad that I was denied the pregnancy I wanted (we had planned baby #2 for months and months) and ended up with an unplanned pregnancy, which we were actually trying to prevent when it happened (no kidding!), that has been riddled with problems since I was about 30 days. But things have a way of working out. School will be out here for you soon, so you'll get a break; meanwhile, that can distract you a bit. I miss school -- crazy for someone who spent 10 years in school post-high school :) -- because you get built in breaks. No breaks once you get out. Just hang in there.


YorkieLover - April 15

You miss school??? Those hormones are making you think crazy, huh?? Just joking! I am VERY tired of school. I wish I could get a break! I'm actually taking 10 credits over the summer. I just wanna be done soon, but gots to go to pharmacy school for 4 more years after this. Feeling any better? I'm sorry that it's your 3rd anniversary. Everyone says not to think about it, but sometimes it helps to think about things. Good luck on Sunday. Must be tough to talk about it. I know it would be for me. You actually got pregnant while trying to prevent it? Wow. But then again, nothing should surprise me. The first time I got pregnant was on my period. (sorry if tmi) I knew it was possible, but it doesn't seem to happen to many people. Not sure what religion you are, but if you celebrate Easter, Happy Easter! (a bit early, but it's alright =) )


Danni my first pregnancy - April 15

I'm in a similar situation myself! I misccaried in the beginning of January, and I'm 6 weeks pregnant now! I was really scared of having another m/c, still am, but you've just got to hope and believe that it won't happen again! I think your m/c is cla__sed as a period, my doctor warned me about getting pregnant again soon after my m/c! Either way I'd say go to your doctor! They'll know best! Congratulations anyway! : )


YorkieLover - April 15

Thank you, Danni. Sorry to hear about your m/c, but congrats on you new baby! I'm 5w today, and I'm getting used to the idea, but probably won't really "feel" pregnant till I go to my first u/s, and get all of that done. How old/where are you from?


Susan W - April 15

Yep. I liked school. I love to learn. I have a BS, a MS and a DVM. I am required to still have continuing education credits to keep my license, and I get to choose the subjects, but there was a lot to be said for a schedule that changed every so many weeks. Otherwise, it's just work (when I worked full time) then home, every day. Now I stay home, and it's the same all the time! LOL . . .. And yep, I got pregnant despite us using a condom. It slipped off. We've been married for 13 years, 10 before kids, so it's not like we don't know how to use them! We normally use NFP, but since we weren't sure when I would ovulate post m/c, we used a condom. I found fertile mucus just a few hours later and realized I was ovulating with live sperm hanging around. Opted against Plan B, since it was the weekend and that's hard to find around here after Friday afternoons, and Monday was too late to take it. Oops! . .. .You can't really cla__sify your m/c as a period; I didn't because I ovulated much later after that than I would have after a regular period. But I was much further along than the "average" so maybe that made a difference. . .. Statistically, the odds are totally with us to have a successful outcome, even conceiving right away. In fact, the literature I found in the medical journals said that the outcome was no different than if we waited several cycles and if there is a repeat, there's something wrong that isn't random chance so you would need a workup . . .. Danni, I m/c the 15th of January, and I'm now 12 weeks. Hope you are feeling well. . .. Happy baby growing.



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