Pregnant And Can T Think Of Much Else TO EXCITED

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hioannidis - November 14

Hello Ladies, Is it just me or is being newly pregnant all you can think of? I'm spending 90% of my day thinking about this little baby growing inside of me, whether it's surfing on-line, writing and reading in forum's or simply touching my's all I can think of. I know I'm not alone in this!! I'm 9weeks 2days and so HAPPY!!!!!


HeatherIsHopeful - November 14

Im 9 weeks and 2 days also.. and I know what you mean... its all I can think about as well :) its amazing.


ShoppingForTwo - November 14

Hello again! I'm right there with you girl! My little baby is all I can think about! I meet with my Perinatologist tomorrow and I can't freaking wait. I think my husband is tired of me reminding him. I'm like my appointment is tomorrow and he is like I knoooww lmao. You would think work would take my mind off of this pregnancy for a little while but it doesn't. My doctor put my on light duty right away so I just sit behing a desk now and type notes for everybody. Boring. I think about it even more now!


HeatherIsHopeful - November 14

lol... you're so funny shoppingfortwo... Im like that with my hubby also.. Im like "hey Im at 9 weeks now" "hey Im at 9 weeks one day now" "hey Im at nine weeks 3 days now" lol he's like "thats nice dear" hehe I'm currently not working so I have all my free time to sit here and think lol. yay!


HeatherIsHopeful - November 14

i skipped nine weeks2days lol oh well


fefer1 - November 14

So cute! I remember the days.....this is my second so it's not as new and exciting, although I am excited. :) WIth my daughter all I did was surf the web, read books...whatever it was I could think of to learn about my baby. Every night I'd go to bed with "what to expect when you're expecting" and read little bits of it to my husband, or look up pictures of my baby at whatever week I was at. Enjoy it!!!


ShoppingForTwo - November 15

Hehe men are funny. They are excited, but just in a different way. Tonight my dh was saying how he couldn't wait to change diapers and how people are telling him he won't be able to go out anymore and he says he gets mad when they say that because he doent care he can't wait to spend all his time with his lo. Haha or something like that. He told everyone in his department that I was pregnant right away. . . it is suppossed to be a secret lol! Your not working Heather? Lucky! But then again you do have a BUNCH of time on your hands. I would eat eat eat and die of boredom. Do you have any other children to keep you busy?


vonzo - November 15

I know exactly how you grils are feling. This is #2 for me but I'm just as excited as I was with #1. All I can think of is that my little bean is the same size as my pinky nail. I'm either 5.5 weeks or 6.5 weeks, crazy cycles so not 100% sure yet. I've got 2 books from my previous pregnancy but I want to go buy another now :o) My husband is getting way bored of my mad chunterings :o)


hioannidis - November 15

My husband is also very excited, but I know he is holding back a bit considering our past pregnancies. It breaks my heart. But then he'll have a moment, like the other night, I was in my PJ's getting ready for bed (it was like 8:30pm…lol), he was downstairs on the couch watching TV, I went down to kiss him goodnight and after he kissed me, he lifted my shirt to expose my stomach and he started kissing it and rubbing it. It was such a touching moment for me. In 2 and a half weeks I’ll be 12 weeks and then we are going to PARTY!!!! Anybody else's husbands holding back???


HeatherIsHopeful - November 15

men are funny... my DH is very excited actually when we found out I was pregnant I was skeptical at first and he was excited and got mad at me for not being as excited as him lol. he doesn't get excited very easy. Shoppingfortwo I don't work because I am an aircraft refuler and the jet fuel and Avgas are both very high in lead so I decided that working around that stuff while pregnant wasn't a very good idea. not to mention carrying around a 50LB hose and pushing and pulling single engine airplanes into the right tie down spots by hand.. those things are heavy!! lol anyway I don't have any LOs to keep me busy, this is my first. but I find other things to do :)


aurora23 - November 15

I am definitely just like you, hionnidis! This is my first pregnancy, and ever since the first day I found out I have been shouting it from the rooftops! lol By the way, now I am about 19 weeks so I am out of the first trimester but I still like to look around and see how everyone else is doing. My bf is coming around, not to say that he isn't excited but it was definitely a shock to us both finding out we're expecting. Especially since when we found out we had only been dating for a month, so essentially I have been pregnant the whole time we have been together, I know it sounds weird but I do think this will work out for us, I'm not being naive. I know how guys can be, I'm so glad to have found him. Anyway, I'm am constantly on the web trying to find pictures of lo's growth and all the info I can. good luck everyone!!


ShoppingForTwo - November 15

Wow, Heather you have a tough job!! You made the absolute right decision by not working! My husband seems to be holding back a little at times. My last pregnany he was rubbing, kissing, and talking to my tummy the second we found out we were expecting. So far in this pregnany he has only done that once or twice. He came with me to my appoinment today, he got up to see the ultrasound in process but wasn't all giddy like with our daughter. Maybe because it's a new doc or maybe he doesn't want to get attached until he feels like this pregnancy will actually be sucessful. He doesn't like when I talk about the possibilty of misscarriage though so I sense that he is trying his best to stay positive. Aurora23, your not naive to think it will work out. I'm rooting for you guys! Are you feeling kicks yet? Do you know what your having?


hioannidis - November 15

HELLO.....SHOPPINGFORTWO..... I take it all went well with the ultrasound? Info please!!


EricaG - November 15

I was just like that with my first. It was ALL I could think about. Now I have a 16 month old to keep me occupied so it's not constanly on my mind. I haven't pulled out a pregnancy book yet and I'm 12 weeks and 2 days. I've also been busy with moving to a new house and stuff though too. I bet as the time gets closer to delivery I will start to get a lot more excited.


ma1008 - November 15

hi girls, im at work and i find myself looking for pictures and reading info on the week im in. i think that's become my new job. lol.


ShoppingForTwo - November 15

Oh c___p, sorry Hioannidis! I put an update on the other threads, and I missed this one! Hehe. The ultrasound went great. He didn't say much but "everything looks great". A while later he was writing notes on my chart on his laptop and he asked me, "so when's your due date again" and I said July 2nd, I'm 7w1d and he said "oh yes, your baby was measuring that" I was really scared that there wasnt going to be a heartbeat and I was holding my breath during the scan so when he said everything looks great I didn't dare ask him if he saw a heartbeat. We went over my medical records and my millions of questions and that's about it. I go back in 3 weeks.


HeatherIsHopeful - November 15

shoppingfortwo, Im glad your u/s went well :) Im in the same place as your DH... I don't want to get TOO excited until I know everything is ok, I havent had a u/s yet or done the doppler thing to listen to the heartbeat so all I have is faith, hency the name "Heatherishopeful" lol. my hubby on the other hand is super excited lol I think its cute. also, My job was hard but I loved it.. I love aviation and aircraft and stuff and since I quit my job I still find myself wandering the air field and haning out in the hanger... I even got to fly yesterday :) I was excited. anyway I loved my job but I love my baby more lol not to mention not having to work is pretty sweet. :))



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