Pregnant And Constant Spotting For 3 Weeks

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smchavali - January 20

Hi everyone, First of all, congratulations to everyone who has had their BFP. I'm pregnant and will complete 7 weeks tomorrow. I have an issue which has been haunting me ever since I found out I'm pregnant. I've been spotting since I found out that I'm pregnant and its been going on for almost 3 weeks now. I don't know if this is normal. I had an early pregnancy scan last week which confirmed a viable pregnancy and good heartbeat. But, as I've been spotting for so long, I can't stop worrying about it. Its always been light and only there when I wipe. Its mostly been brown but I also had episodes of pink/red. No one knows why this is happening. I'm 31 yrs old and I can't tell how excited I'm about getting pregnant as we have waited for it for a very long time and can't take any chances. I have been diagnosed with PCOS(polycystic ovaries) and I'm on metformin and progesterone supplements to sustain the pregnancy. But the whole spotting thing has caused a lot of stress and worry. Does anyone have any idea as to what's going on? Has anyone else also experiences something like this and still gone on to have a successful pregnancy? Any feedback or advice will be greatly appreciated.


redlittlerose - January 24

hi there!!! did your scn show a strong heart beat? spotting in early pregnancy is common and usually isnt a threat unless its very heavy and accompanied by cramps. i also have P.O.S although im not on the same medication as you i did experiance some light bleeding, this can be caused by a cyst that is just irritating the ovary or tube and normally means no harm. another thing to consider that some mothers dont think of during pregancy is s_x! during early pregnancy when having s_x it is common to bleed a smal amount of blood afterward as there is so much more blood rushing around your cervix. this doent have to happen straight away can happen up to 24hrs afterwards. whats followed by the small amount of blood is the brown blood which can drag out quite a bit but is nothing to worry about. if you think this could be the cause it safest to maybe avoid s_x until at least the second trimester or when the bleeding stops. dont worry as long as you have some sign of pregnancy even just a tender b___st all should be fine!! good luck and happy pregnancy!!!! :)


aisha1077 - February 12

hi im currently 5 weeks 4 days i had implantation bleding at 8/9/10 days past ovulation just very faint pink blood when wiping sorry tmi last wedi had some more of this pink loss not much but enough to notice on the tissue...this continued thursday on and off from pink to brown then by friday morning was gone now saturday iv just had another load of brown loss again when i wipe... i had a simular experience 6 months ago when i had a miscarriage but i think the spotting gradually got heaveyerand turned red it was such a tramatic time i dont really remember.. i just pray its not the start of another miscarriage. opinions ladies please... im due for a call from the epu next week for an early scan but it seems like a life time away


shleesme - February 19

I too have been spotting brown for about 3 or 4 days. I am terrified since I have had 2 miscarriages before. Both miscarriages I never bled and they found out the baby died through a scan so I had to have d&c's with both of them. This just worries me. I had s_x on sunday and there was a streak of red blood when I wiped afterwards and then all of a sudden on Wednesday I started have brown discharge. Do you think it could have been from s_x a few days prior and if so is it supposed to linger on this long?


redlittlerose - February 19

hi, sorry to hear about your last miscarrages. i say the red blood was definately caused by the s_x, the brown blood can take a few days to drag out so i wouldnt worry about it to much. brown blood in pregnancy usually isnt harmful so try not to stress out to much till you see a doc! if your really concerned about the amount over the weekend you can always go 2 an a&e, depending on the attendant on they could give you a viaginal scan there and then. i attended an a&e twice once was given a scan there and then once wasnt was referred to an e.p.a.u 2 days later. unfortunately it just depends on the midwife good luck with everything


aisha1077 - February 20

Hi ladies I had a scan on friday because iv had 3 lots of spottong the doc told me its because thete is an increase of new blood to the cervix and sometimes a small blood vessel can burst leading to some spotting red pink or brown blood she also said that sometimes the cervix can become irritated. I saw my little bean safe and well with a strong heart beat and was told everything looks great and I have a 97% chance of a sucessfull pregnancy x so not all bleeding has to be a sign of miscarriage


SiciOG - April 18

Hi, I just found out I'm pregnant about a week ago. According to when I had my last period, i should be about 7 weeks. For the past week I've sort of been spotting. Sometimes its only light pink or stops all together for a little bit, but sometimes there's a lot and it's dark brown. only once has it actually "leaked". other than that, its only really when I wipe, but this morning, it was really red and had even dripped a bit in the toilet when i peed. I DID have s_x last night for the second time since I found out i was pregnant. This didn't happen the first time. The bleeding didnt continue, it just went back to being brown but I'm still really concerned. I'm only 20 years old, and I don't live near any family. It's just me and my boyfriend and we haven't gotten a chance to see a doctor yet. my first appointment is in 5 days. If anything happens to my little shrimpy i'll be heart broken. Is there anything I should or shouldn't do until i get a chance to see a doctor? I've already been taking vitamins, eating really super healthy, and immediately quit smoking and drinking (obviously).


SiciOG - April 18

P.S I also haven't had any serious cramping. i get the odd sharp pain here and there, but its mainly only if a stretch certain ways while i'm lying down.



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