Pregnant And Getting Married

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cm - May 29

I have been with my Fiance' for about 7 years this August. We are also planning to get married this August as well. I just found out I am about 4-6 weeks pregnant. I am trying to decide if I should go aheead with the wedding. I don't want to tell anyone about the pregnancy until after the wedding. I don't want to be showing at the wedding. Do you think I will be showing by Aug 27?


kelley32 - May 29

First of all CONGRATS!!! I think that it depends on your body shape right now, if you are thin, you may be showing a bit, but if you are pleasantly plump, it will be easier to hide it. I was 7 months pregnant when I got married, and I looked great in my wedding dress ... good luck and best wishes!!!


Saird - May 29

I was 4 months pregnant when I got married, and you couldn't tell, except for people who actually knew I was pregnant. YOu certainly can't tell in the pictures. About a month later I burst out though! Good luck to you.


cm - May 29

Well thanks for the advice and the well wishes. I am not a thin but I wear anything from a 6-8(more like an 8 ha-ha). What I fear are the pictures. Do you think I should move the date up?


Kira_lynn - May 30

I wouldnt be too worried...unless your families very religous and thats why you want to move the date up. Hell im 21 (11weeks) and he's 28 and we're getting married next year and boy do we hear it from people who dont even know us. One lady even told me that im a sinner, and i said that at least im a happy sinner. Its the year 2006 and people still get hung up about it.


iakram - May 30

hi ! congrats! i suspect this is your first preg. although it does indeed depend on your body type i think i think you should be probably won't be showing....if you can push the date sooner then that might help. but yeah good luck :)


HannahBaby - May 30

you may be depends you will be about 4 months, so you may be everyone else has said everyone is different, some people just look chunky while some have definate baby bellies. If i were you i would move the date up to mid july. Good luck and congrats


amethyst_dragonfly - May 30

Congrats, CM! Listen, babe, don't even worry about whether or not you'll show. Although I doubt you will, it really doesn't matter! Years from now, you'll look at your wedding album with your little one and can say "Look, sweetie, you were at the wedding, too!" LOL. It'll be fine!


Karen_Fletcher - May 30

hi, im 25weeks preg and got married on Saturday, i was wearing a spesh mat dress, you could tell from the side.... at seemed to explode at 18weeks, so you might be ok if the dress is let out at the sides, but at the end of the dayyou shouldnt have to worry about it, its your bump, wear it with pride!!!! :o) good luck



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