Pregnant And Getting Married Advise Please

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nikki - July 22

my boyfriend and i had discussed between ourselves about getting married in the winter and when his 2 year old (that he has full custody of) gets in kindergarden to have baby. well, i am 10 weeks pregnant and we find ourselves having to reverse order and speed things up a little bit. the problem comes when we know what we had discussed but others don't and so they assume and have smart comments about us getting married just because i am pregnant. now i know that_t really isn't any of their business and i don't care what others think. but is there a nice way to tell them its none of their business and to back off? i even had a firend of my boss's to tell me i am stupid and shouldn't keep the baby and shouldn't get married and i had to just sit there and bite my tongue. i am 27 and my boyfriend is 34. we are grown adults. please help


SaRaH - July 14

I think that u should tell them what u just said!! Yall are grown adults & yall think it is the right thing to do!! Trust urself and ur feelings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anne - July 15

I am 37 and have a 4 year old from a previous marriage. I am now living with a wonderful man and we are trying to concieve. We are not married , but are planning to when my divorce finally goes through. (It's been over 2 years) You are adults and obviously love eachother. Don't even think about what others say. It's none of their business. I don't see what the difference is. You are planning on getting married and having a baby anyways. Just tell them to b___t out or don't say anything at all.


NIKKI - July 15

thanks for the advise sarah and anne.


Jamie - July 22

I had a wedding in the plans for July 2000. I found out I was pregnant in August 1999 and was in your same situation. I married the love of my life on November 20th,1999 and had a beautiful baby girl (with my last name) in February 1999. I just simply told them that I just changed the order of things and that it is my life. I wouldn't change a thing. I never "bit my tongue", I just said,"Thanks for your opinion, your rude opinion, but your opinion none the less" and went on with my plans. Anyone who calls you stupid isn't worth your time anyway. It meant so much to have my husbands name while in the hospital. My own preference I guess. Bottom line is, it is your life. Only you and your husband to be can make the right choice for you. I hope your marriage and your new family are all you hoped it would be and more. God bless!



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