Pregnant And Have A 6 Month Old Anyone Relate

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Kiersten - June 16

It's been a long time since I've had cause to be on this board. :) I just found out this weekend that I'm pregnant. My ds is six months old so I'll have my hands full! Haven't told dh yet as tomorrow is our anniversary and I'll surprise him then. Any of you mommas have real young ones at home? I'm happy, just wondering what all I'm in for!


cnasmom - June 16

hi hon. I currently have a 3 yr. 2 yr old, and am 33 1/2 wks prego. so i can def relate. its not bad. sometimes i just feel bad b/c my first 2 are only 13 months apart and i feel like they got cheated. but other than that, they play together, and fight, but having them close is good b/c they have a constant companion. good luck to you!


Kiersten - June 17

Thank you, CNASMOM. It's starting to grow on me, but it still hasn't totally sunk in yet. I like that they'll be close growing up, but it's the baby stage that is freaking me out!! A newborn and a 14-15 month old! (Not sure exactly how far along I am) How did you handle it when they were still babies? Nervous, but getting excited. Today is my dh's and my anniversary and I'm telling him tonight. Boy will he be surprised! :)


cnasmom - June 17

well, when she was born he was 13 months old, and he just wanted to lay onher all the time, lol. they were cute tho. but it wasn't so hard, at first it was, but i think it was still the hormones raging through my body cuz after a few weeks, it was better. just had to keep big brother from sitting and laying on her! they are constantly together now, its really sweet, even tho they can fight like cats and dogs, they are bored silly when the other is not around.


kristina1980 - June 19

HI ladies, I don't know how it happened, when it happened, but looks like I am pregnant with my 2nd one. my first one is 10 month old. We didn't planned this one, not so soon, I wanted to wait another 4-5 month. but I guess the line was there, so God wanted this way. and I am quite excited. hubby needs to swollow it little harder, cause he is working like a slave already, but... two little one must be fun. I didn't make my doc appointment, I am gonna wait 2 more weeks. Seem still kind of unreal.


Athenajack - June 22

Well after having a child last August, and being strealized "supposedly" in September this was a BIG surprise. Still not real excited about it yet. I cried when i took the at home pregnancy test. This one is due Feb 3, which will make my daughter exactly 18 months when this one comes. Also have a son turning 5 in Aug. It took a 2 sonograms and two home tests to sink in. Didn't have any symptoms at the time except getting a tummy. Still depressed about it, Dr. prescribed me wellbutrin which i have yet to pick up. I don't like to take medicine especially when i'm preg. Anyone else taking an anti-depressent?


kristina1980 - June 22

hey athenajack, looks like we are kind of on the same boat. This was suprise for me to, and wasn't quite ready for it. with my first one we tried for over 6 month to conceive, with this one, I didn't get not my first period, and had s_x with hubby maybe 3 times altogether during the last month. so go figure. However I am getting little excite, and all the old feelings of worry and etc. I actually stopped taking Paxil, I am on paxil since 21 (am 27now) and I stopped during my 1st pregnancy too. I hope make it this time too, but I am not gonna play a hero. I excercise a lot, eating healthy, everything to keep the new little bean healthy. I didn't tell my family cause I feel little embarrased too, cause we really didn't plan this. My hubby's side they already know, and making fun of us, cause hubby is 20 years older, and this will be his 5th!!! and LAST!!!


kristina1980 - June 22

Question for all. Are you going to try to potty train your older ones, before the new baby is born.???


Kiersten - June 23

Hello ladies! Congrats to all on your little ones. I told my dh and he was so excited. I gave him an "anniversary card" from ds and on the inside wrote "surprise daddy, I'm a big brother!" with a pic of the test. He looked at it and smiled, starting to close it, then whipped it open to look again. lol He said "Are we? Are you? We ARE?!" It was so cute. Then he hugged me and told me how happy he was. That made me feel soooo much better about the whole thing. I'm pretty excited now and am itching to tell people. Although I agree with Kristina in that I feel a little embarra__sed too. No worries that WE don't have things figured out!! ha-ha. That was actually (I almost died!) my father-in-law's first comment when we told him about ds. "Good to see you guys figured out how everything works and goes together" :) Imagine the comments we'll get this time. My ds has a doctor appointment tomorrow morning and I'll be telling him about the new baby and see what I should do. We've been having supply issues and I'm thinking this is one of the reasons. As to potty training, if ds were older I probably would, but we're planning on doing it closer to two. So how are all you mommas feeling? Anyone getting hit with ms real bad? I tell dh I want to get more tests because I just don't feel pregnant. Every now and then I'll feel nauseous and too hot, but my symptoms this time are so minimal. It could also be that I'm not noticing every little thing like I did the first time. I have too much to do now to think about every little muscle stretch or cramp. It's nice not feeling freaked out about it all though. I'm by no means a pro, but I feel a lot more confident this time around!


mary b - June 23

kristina1980, yes i'm already trying to potty train my DD. She is 15 months old. Been trying, part-time potty since she was 13MONTHS. I have been slacking latey cause it's pretty frustrating. I hope to have her done by the time my new baby gets here. BTW, i'm 11 weeks pregnant. I was a bit shocked too, not that we were being CAREFUL, we knew what we were getting into. I just weaned my DD 3 months ago and was finally feeling like a normal human!! Oh well.


mary b - June 23

athenajack, who was sterilized? U or hubby?


kristina1980 - June 24

Hi, Ladies. I made my doc appointment on July 15th. And I told my mom last night. She was sooo excited, telling me how great it's gonna be to have two little ones etc. I'm getting pretty excited too. However, I have more symptoms than I had with #1. I feel dizzy every night, and very very tired. But I'm not so worried either. More excited than worried? QUESTION: ONCE YOUR LITTLE ONE IS HERE, ARE YOU GONNA PUT HIM/HER IN THE ROOM WITH YOUR OLDER ONE OR ARE THE GONNA HAVE SEPARATE ROOM. our dd was sleeping in her own room since she was 4-5 weeks. (we have little house, so it's like 2 steps from our room to her) and I am wondering if to change our office room to another baby room. Or just put the new baby once it bigger to her room.



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