Pregnant And On Metformin

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Julie - October 30

Hello, anyone in first trimester and on metformin? I am on 1500mg per day and my doc says I'll stay on it for the 1st trimester. I have read a lot on the internet about miscarriages after going off of it. Anyone in the same situation? What is your doc telling you?


stef - October 31

I'm now 9weeks pregnant with my first child. I'm on metformin 500mg once a day. I have heard bad things about quitting the med's during the first trimester that's why i fought with my dr to stay on these until then. I guess so far so good b/c I've been soooo sick. I don't recommend stopping until after your 12 weeks.


Julie - October 31

Thanks Stef, I am in the same boat. Dr told me that I'd stay on it through 1st trimester, but I'm nervous about going off it even after that.


Christy - October 31

Julie-I'm on 1500 mg per day and was told to stay on until 1st tri is over. I asked about the chances of m/c from going off and my dr said your chances of m/c after 1st tri reduces so greatly that there is just no need to take the pills then. She said why take any meds while pregnant if it isn't necessary? I still feel hesitant though so I will be checking w/ other drs before I do go off of it.


Julie - October 31

Hi Christy, I agree. I am going to push my Dr. to look into it also before I go off of it. I am going to ask him if it can hurt me to stay on it.....


Tess - November 1

Julie~ I just had may 3rd OB appt yesterday, Ive asked about the metformin issue n stuff.......he said its all controversial. Nothing to worry. Your Dr. will tell you to take metformin until your 1st tri is over. That is what Im doin too. I am 11w4d so nothing to worry. Don't listen to what you hear....ask your Dr. if you have any Q's.


Randi - November 20

I took metformin and clomid while ttc, it finally worked after 6 years, my fertility specialist is telling me NOT to stop it as I have a higher chance of miscarriage, he says I will have to take it at least the first trimester. I have read a lot of new research that makes me confident in my docs advice. I take the same dose as you as well - 1500mg. Hope all goes well for you!



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