Pregnant For My Wedding Day

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Janet - September 3

Hello, I just found out that I am pregnant and will be about 4.5 months on my wedding day. Both my & my fiances parents are thrilled about the news. Do you think I will be showing on my wedding? Does anyone know a pregnant bride? I feel a bit ashamed. I knoe I shouldnt though. Its a great blessing.


feel no shame girl! - June 18

Don't know what religion or country you are writing this from... but whatever this IS the 21st century, of course you shouldn't be ashamed! When I had my daughter I just looked a bit 'filled' out at 4 1/2 months pregnant, but a few weeks later I had a v. prominent bump... it seemed to do a growth spurt. Really when you start to show depends quite alot on your physique.


Holly - June 18

Hey Janet my sister was 4 months along when she got married..And with her dress on you couldn't tell at all. Don't feel ashamed at all....If you want to talk to me more you may email me at Good Luck and God bless you!!!


Holly - June 18

Im sorry its


amber - June 23

Dont feel bad, as i too found out im pregnant and i am to be married in 3 weeks. Will be 13 weeks on my wedding day. There is no shame in being pregnant on your weddin' day..... you should be happy! Just hope your dress fits ya! Best of luck!


lynn - June 25

Congrats! my wedding is aug 14th & i will be about 19 1/2 weeks. this will be my 2nd, so im hoping i wont "pop" until after. just watch what u eat & walk everyday. so far so good! only gained 3 lbs so far.i didnt show with my 1st until i was about 5 months along! good luck & congrats on baby & wedding!


Ruth - June 29

Congraulations, I will be 18 weeks pregnant also on my wedding day so I am wondering how much I will be showing too - not sure if there is a call for maternity wedding dresses perhaps there should be.


Janet - June 30

It's nice to know I am not alone here. Congratulations to all the other pregnant brides. The store I bought my dress at has agreed to work with me and alter my dress to fit my belly if necessary. We will just have to wait and see how big I get by 20 weeks!


Lisa - June 30

Hi! I too am going to be 18 weeks on my wedding day and I've been worrying about showing! So happy to see that I'm not alone. I'm going to wait to tell anybody so I definately don't want to show. Any suggestions on keeping the bump down?


me too! - July 10

Just found out and I'll be 19 weeks on wedding day. I've ordered xtra fabric for the dress, but also hope I won't be too obvious. Anyone know how much a tall woman shows at 19 weeks?


Sarah - July 30

I will be 22 wks pregnant on my wedding day. I got my dress 2 sizes larger so it will be easier to alter. This is my first pregnancy so I'm hoping not to show too much by then. I got a dress that will help hide it though. Good luck to everyone!


julia - August 11

Hey Janet, I am in the same position, me and my fiance were suppose to get married June 4, 2005 and now we moved it up to October 30, 2004, because I found out I was preg about a week ago I am about 51/2 weeks preg. so I will be 4 months preg also or 17 weeks. I am getting a flare out weedding dress just in case. Don't feel bad though there is alot of women who don't marry the fathers of their children.


Kathy - August 12

Janet, I was 5 months pregnant when I got married...I was already showing at that time but my mom and cousin said that i have to wear a carpenters cut wedding gown so my stomach wont show that much and it really helps......When I look at my pictures, you couldnt tell that I'm pregnant......


Kathy - August 12

Why would you be ashamed?????? I didnt feel ashamed when I got married.......Have fun on your wedding..


cakes - August 16

if you haven't ordered your dress yet, you may want to order a size or two bigger in case you are showing more than expected, it is alot easier to take a dress in than it is to let it out, there is usually only enough material to let it out a couple of inches, congrats and don't be'll be married when your baby is born


Lynnette - August 16

I was 14 weeks pregnant on my wedding day, the only thing I was worried about was if I'd fit in my dress! I did. You can tell on some of our photos but most them you wouldn't know. We had a fantastic day, I hope you do too.


Shannon - August 20

I am 4.5 months along, and yes, I am showing. I am having myh wedding gown altered to be a accomdating fit, but I highly recommend empire waist :)



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