Pregnant For My Wedding Day

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Shannon - August 20

I am 4.5 months along, and yes, I am showing. I am having myh wedding gown altered to be a accomdating fit, but I highly recommend empire waist :)


Minty - August 20

Hi Janet - if it makes it seem any better I will be 8 months pregnant on my wedding day and I can't wait! We planned our child and then decided to marry before he is born. It will be a very small intimate wedding with a bigger 'blessing' and party for friends and other relatives after our little boy arrives. Have a great wedding x


Samantha - August 22

Hey Janet. I will be 23 weeks for my wedding. It doesn't really worry me that I'll be pregnant for my wedding day as our baby was planned and we decided that we would try and get married before the baby arrives (in January). I'm nearly 19 weeks now and have a bit of a belly so I'm not having a style of dress that I would normally have which is a little dissapointing but we're having a fairly casual wedding followed by a buffet breakfast. I think being pregnant on your wedding day is the least of my problems.....I'm just tired of people ie family members trying to dictate to us what we should be doing!!


angela - August 23

i will be 5 months pegnant when i get married in november


Christa - August 23

I'll be pregnant for my wedding, too, but I'll be about 6 and a half months.. You should be just barely showing.. to get an idea of how much, go to about.pregnancy and go see thier belly gallery!


Michelle - August 24

My wedding date was set for July 31, 2004. A month or so before, we found out I was pregnant, I was worried and a little ashamed, to tell everyone, specially since we had just found out my 15 year old sister was pregnant. I knew that my news wasn't going to shock anyone, because my now husband and I had been dating for almost two years, and we had been engaged for a little over a year. My mother and my family where so excited, his mom took great too, but his sister, she didn't like the idea, but you know what, I didn't care, having a child with him, was something I wanted so much, that I decided that what people said, would not matter to me, as long as he and I were happy. I was a little over two months on my wedding day, my dress was sort of form fitting, and my belly was already showing, but I didn't care, I liked knowing that I had such a great blesing, and that I was marrying the man I loved. So it all came out to be perfect. Don't be ashamed, who cares what people think, they have two jobs, get mad and get happy. Don't stress yourself, remember that what ever you feel, your baby feels as well. Show him/her that it will be loved, and that it's wanted, and as long as you and your fiance are happy, that's all that matters, and besides, you have both your parents support, what more do you want? Enjoy it to the fullest, this is probably the best thing you will experience. I know morning sickness sucks, but, it will all be worth it. I know I can't wait until I get my ultrasound and know what I will be having, I can't wait until I give birth, it's taking so long, and I have too many months ahead of me. I'm so HAPPY!! Good luck, and CONGRATULATIONS!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR NEW FAMILY!!!


Krista - September 2

You know something I'm pregnant and getting married too. And I think you all have the wrong idea about what being pregnant is all about, don't be ashamed that you are pregnant before you are married, be ashamed that you all are asking for advice on how to hide the belly. Be proud of that belly that is you beautiful blessing from God, don't you know how many people would do anything to be pregnant on any day and here you are blessed with it and you want to hide it. You shouldn't care about what other people think you should just feel very lucky!!


BARBIE - September 3

Congratulations and how exiting. I was also 4.5 months pregnant when I got married two1/2 years ago. I got my dress three months before my wedding and usually wore a size 14. I bought the dress in a size 20 and boy am I glad I did. The only adjustment that they had to do was to the lenght but otherwise if fit perfect. I wore a tank dress that had no waist. When I turned sideways you could tell that I was pregnant but from the front view you could hardly tell. I am also a very short person 5' 3" so I really had no place for the baby to go but out. Just remember that it is always easier for them to take a dress in than it is to let it out and don't be ashamed because it is a beautiful thing (both having a baby and getting married). It also sounds like the people that really matter in your life are happy about the baby and that is all that counts. - September 3

i to an prego i am 20 weeks and getting married next weekend i am showing a little but i got a dress that works with me and you can not tell it has a corset back so i dont have to worry about squizing into anyting that needs to be ziped . every thing will be fine good luck


Sarah - September 14

I am 4 months pregnant now and I am getting married next month. My fiancees family and mine are also thrilled. I wouldn't feel ashamed about it though. It's an amazing thing to happen. I don't know if you'll show on your wedding day, but I know I am already showing at 4 months and a month before my wedding!!!


Anya - September 20

Im just over 4 months now, and Im showing a little, but most people cant tell that im pregnant yet!! I hope everything goes well for you, CONGRATULATIONS xxxx


barbara - September 20

i found out i was pregnant in august and im getting married in 3 wks. it doesnt bother me a bit. also my fiancees sister in law got married in september and shes 6mths pregnant. u'll b fine. as long as your happy then it doesnt matter what anybody else thinks.


kristina - September 20

I was 3 mths on my wedding day. We waited to tell people because we wanted our wedding day to be about the wedding not the baby. I didn't start showing but boy was I tired! Good luck!


Mimi - October 6

Hey Janet, I am 5.5 weeks pregnant and my wedding is in 6 weeks so I will be 11 weeks preg. on my wedding day. I am already showing....I am so happy to be pregnant though at first I felt a bit embarra__sed...pregnant and not married....I am worried that my dress will not fit but who cares, ya know? I find something that will fit....


Shantelle - November 16

hey Im in the same boat as you hun, my fiance and I had planned on getting married this coming May and I just recently found out Im pregnant. We couldnt be more thrilled about the news but we both want to be married before baby comes along, therefore we will be getting married next month.


Vicki - November 16

My best friend was 6 mnths pregnant on her wedding day and the dress she designed didn't show it a bit. Don't feel ashamed this baby was concieved out of love! Enjoy your day!



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