Pregnant For My Wedding Day

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Vicki - November 16

My best friend was 6 mnths pregnant on her wedding day and the dress she designed didn't show it a bit. Don't feel ashamed this baby was concieved out of love! Enjoy your day!


bigbellymomma - June 3

i know my cousin is pregnant and shes geting married, she will be 7 1/2 months along


amber alicia - June 8

don't feel bad!! i'm going to be preggo on my wedding day too! ;] i'll be almost 5 months too... no you won't be showing at 4. you will be to yourself, but we're talking about the size of a football... just a pooch ;] an empire waste dress can fix that! there's plenty of websites with the dresses for sale.


amanda - June 8

I was 5.5 months regnant and we found out two days after we announced it to our family that we were getiin married they were all pretty supportive about the whole thing i had a great dress that you could only tell if i was standing sideways and I really didn't show until two weeks before my wedding LOL Don't worry about it You should not feel ashamed at all about it, it is what it is and thats all that matters as long as you and your hubby to be are happy!!! then who care about it just my opion LOL Congrats to you X2


Baby&Wedding - June 9

Did anyone find out if you can wear a straples longline bra? I know you dont want anything that is tight...what did you do for support under your dress? I will be about 18 weeks along when I get married. We were trying, so it was not a shock but now I am just worried that I wont have any support under my dress!...My dress is quite large lucky for me so alterations wont be that much of a problem...


aida - June 9

dont feel ashamed its a blessing from god


Crystal - June 10

I was 4 1/2 months pregnant on our wedding day 10 1/2 years ago. I did not show much. but, each pregnancy is different.. also if it is your first baby then you may show later .. A woman who has been preggy before will show earlier..


ashley - August 3

You might be showing. I'm a small person and at 4.5 moths i was definately showing!



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